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Home 20W Joyetech eGrip Airflow Adjustable VW Kit -1500mAh, Black
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20W Joyetech eGrip Airflow Adjustable VW Kit -1500mAh, Black

Joyetech eGrip box MOD is the first built-in atomizer kit from Joye! It features a transparent liquid window, a 360-degree regulation ring to adjust output wattage(8W-20W) and airflow adjustable screw.

  • Product No: 161120975
  • SKU No: 1611209750140031
  • Brand: Joyetech
  • Unit: set
  • Point: 49.9
  • Net Weight: 400.0(g)
Market price: US$62.40
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Notice: Joyetech now requires S/N (serial number) before providing replacements (due to counterfeits in market).
We recommend you to keep the packing boxes after you get parcel, or take a picture of SN before you discard it. Thank you!

Shipping restriction: due to exclusive distributor of Joyetech, we do not send Joyetech products to customers in Russia, South Korea or UK.

Joyetech eGrip Kit -1500mAh, Black

Product Introduction

Joyetech eGrip Airflow Adjustable VW MOD -1500mAhis the first built-in atomizer e-cigarette kit from Joyetech. eGrip MOD Kit features not only a transparent liquid window but also a 360-degree regulation ring to adjust output wattage(8W-20W) and airflow adjustable screw.


Size: 46.4mm X 20.4mm X 99.5mm(including mouthpiece)
Capacity: 1500mAh
Output mode: VW Mode
E-juice Capacity: 3.6ml
eGrip CS Atomizer Head: 1.5Ω resistance

4 Colors: black, camo, silver, wood

4 types plug: US plug, Euro plug, UK plug, Australia plug
Joyetech eGrip Kit -1500mAh, Black
Joyetech eGrip MOD kit comes with

  • 1× eGrip Mouthpiece
  • 1× eGrip box MOD
  • 2× eGrip CS Atomizer Head
  • 1× eGrip Atomizer Base
  • 1× 1A Wall Adaptor
  • 1× USB Cable
  • 1× Manual & Warranty Card
Joyetech eGrip Kit -1500mAh, Black Parts
Simple packing. Customary Packing from the factory, the packing is subject to change without notice.


1. Power: 20W voltage regulation (from 8W to 20W)
2. Transparent window, convenient filling
3. Air inlet regulation

4. Incomparable design: integration of atomizer and battery
5. All-metal surface, compact, exquisite and portable
6. Replaceable special eGrip CS Atomizer Head (1.5ohm)
Joyetech eGrip Kit -1500mAh, Black Features

Output wattage adjustment
In this VW mode, wattage output can be adjusted by rotating the regulation ring clockwise or counterclockwise. With the wattage increasing, the vapor speed will be faster and you can enjoy a huger vapor.

Air inlet regulation
Spin the adjustable screw on the side of the bottom. Contrarotate the screw will loosen the screw. The looser the screw is, the bigger the air inlet is.
Joyetech eGrip Kit -1500mAh, Black Air inlet
Liquid filling
Push up the lid on the side of eGrip body, then slowly refill the liquids into the hole. And do remember to lock the cap after finishing filling.
Atomizer Head replacement
Unscrew the big screw at the bottom with a coin, and the atomizer head is located on the base of it. Simply unscrew the atomizer head and replace a new one.
Plug the USB cable to the eGrip body from the bottom, and connect it to the wall adaptor or other power source such as a computer. (it can be used whilst on charge)
Joyetech eGrip Kit -1500mAh, Black Charge

  • eGrip Kit doesn't come with e-liquids. You shall purchasee-liquids separately.
  • There is CE mark on battery end.
  • The eGrip CS Atomizer Head is unique.
  • It's only for booking now. It will arrive later.

3 months. Pls check Guarantee Policy.

Note: We now need serial number to proceed after-sales service. Please kindly preserve the serial number of product if it's available.

Average Rating:4.6
Product Quality:4.6
Shipping Time:4.6
Latest Customer Reviews(17)
  • lukevaping
    15-07-27 07:08

    The compact and smart design is adorable. Easy to hold in my palm and easy to stand on desk. Great vapor, no leaking problem. Love this site, very fast shipping and excellent customer service.

    Product Quality
    Shipping Time
  • rogerj
    15-07-07 10:03

    Worth to try. It's an inexpensive and quality egrip, at least I think so. A full kit with VW, 1500mAh capacity only costs less than $70. I'd buy another one for my brother.

    Product Quality
    Shipping Time
  • ekw01
    15-07-02 23:14

    Like its simple and compact design, easy to grip in my hand. Nice taste and huge vapor. I like the mild huge cloud it brings to me. Easy to regulate wattage.

    Product Quality
    Shipping Time
  • tomp
    15-06-10 14:01

    The compact design makes it easy to grip. The transparent liquid window is considerate. What a pity you just have black color for this egrip kit. However, one of my fave colors.

    Product Quality
    Shipping Time
  • jimk
    15-06-07 23:23

    3.6ml liquid can satisfy my two days' usage, no need to refill very often. Adjusting airflow is interesting and easy with the cute screw. It would be better if there is a carrying case for this kit.

    Product Quality
    Shipping Time
  • richer
    15-06-04 00:48

    The mouthpiece has tight seal with the tank, the whole kit is well built, no flaws when receiving it. Actually, everything goes well up to now.

    Product Quality
    Shipping Time
  • healthcig
    15-05-29 04:24

    Easy to refill with the side hole. Wattage is also easy to adjust with the spinning control. Love the unique compact design. Worth the price. I'd come back again for new cig devices.

    Product Quality
    Shipping Time
  • larrydavis
    15-05-15 23:10

    This egrip from joyetech has many advantages: compact design for easy grip, variable wattage, changable airflow and huge 1500mAh capacity. It produces profound vapor, best value.

    Product Quality
    Shipping Time
  • larryusa
    15-05-04 14:48

    Easy to adjust output wattage with the side regulation ring. I like big wattage that produces huge cloud. 1500mAh is a great upgrade compared to my former 650mAh.

    Product Quality
    Shipping Time
  • grahampaula
    15-04-21 02:35

    My friend decides to buy a new one when he sees my egrip kit. I'd refer him to this site and thus I can get some reward points. More points, more free delivery codes.

    Product Quality
    Shipping Time
  • robertl
    15-04-08 13:19

    Worth the value. Not expensive for such huge power capacity. Everything is OK up to now. The tidy and slim design enables me to carry it everwhere easily. By the way, fast shipping.

    Product Quality
    Shipping Time
  • herbtang
    15-02-03 15:28

    I buy this egrip airflow because of its cheap price and compact design. Easy to grip at hand. 1500mAh is sufficient for one day use. No leaking, yet occasionally popping through the mouthpiece with high settings.

    Product Quality
    Shipping Time
  • ryank
    15-01-17 02:51

    20w is not a big wattage yet it's enough for me. Mostly, I prefer to switch to 15w, the setting gives me large amount of enjoyable vapor.

    Product Quality
    Shipping Time
  • umit
    15-01-08 18:02

    Like this egrip kit, affordable for a full kit, costing less than US$70. Generally speaking, I'd spend at least one hundred dollars for a full kit with 1500mAh and variable wattage features.

    Product Quality
    Shipping Time
  • rojem05
    15-01-04 10:23

    This is the best e cigs that I ever used. Easy to change airflow and wattage, I can experience different vapor cloud and taste. Terrific. Just need to charge every night, pretty convenient.

    Product Quality
    Shipping Time
  • daleb
    15-01-01 10:47

    Love this egrip. I think it'd be better if there were a LED display showing battery usage. I don't know when to charge, it's a pity. All in all, worth the price, not expensive for a full joyetech kit.

    Product Quality
    Shipping Time
  • fasterman
    14-12-16 17:12

    Convenient to adjust wattage with the side control knob and easy to remember my favorite setting. After one month's trying, I often set the knob pointing to 16w, a suitable setting for me.

    Product Quality
    Shipping Time
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Q leftycool

malaysia is choose with plug?

15-03-29 01:53
A Administrator 

UK plug. You can also choose another plug according to your condition. Thanks for your attention.

15-07-31 17:38
Q nzoner

Do you offer a spare glass tank for the eGrip?

15-02-25 14:52
A Administrator 

Sorry, the factory doesn't offer it. Thanks for your attention.

15-08-03 02:51
Q promods

can you take out the plug out of the kit?
costums will not alow the plug , no problem with the rest of the kit
thank you

14-11-05 07:34
A Administrator 

Yes, we can. Please leave a message about it in "order note" and we'll do it for you. Thanks for your attention.

15-02-11 20:26
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