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Home 20W Joyetech eGrip 1500mAh VW Kit - Limited Christmas Edition
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20W Joyetech eGrip 1500mAh VW Kit - Limited Christmas Edition

20W Joyetech eGrip VW Kit -1500mAh, Christmas Edition is the specially customized edition, only available from Heaven Gifts. Same performance (but with improved USB port already)!

  • Product No: 161120976
  • SKU No: 1611209760033200
  • Brand: Joyetech
  • Unit: pc
  • Point: 49.9
  • Net Weight: 400.0(g)
Market price: US$62.38
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  • Santa Claus/White
  • Christmas Tree/Green
  • Snowflakes/Blue


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In Stock

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Notice: Joyetech now requires S/N (serial number) before providing replacements (due to counterfeits in market).
We recommend you to keep the packing boxes after you get parcel, or take a picture of SN before you discard it. Thank you!

Shipping restriction: due to exclusive distributor of Joyetech, we do not send Joyetech products to customers in Russia, South Korea or UK.

20W Joyetech eGrip VW Kit -1500mAh, Christmas Edition

Product Introduction

20W Joyetech eGrip VW Kit -1500mAh, Christmas Edition is the specially customerized edition, only available from Heaven Gifts. Same performance with the previous ones (with improved USB port already). The first built-in atomizer e-cigarette from Joyetech with 8W to 20W wattage adjustable and airflow adjustment!

Size: 46.4 X 20.4 X 99.5mm (including mouthpiece)
Capacity: 1500mAh
Output mode: VW Mode
E-juice Capacity: 3.6ml
eGrip CS Atomizer Head: 1.5ohm resistance
3 Colors: Santa Claus/White, Christmas Tree/Green and Snowflakes/Blue

The kit comes with
1× eGrip Mouthpiece
1× eGrip box MOD
2× eGrip CS Atomizer Head
1× eGrip Atomizer Base
1× 1A Wall Adaptor
1× USB Cable
1× Manual & Warranty Card

Simple packing. Customary packing from the factory, the packing is subject to change without notice.

1. Power: 20W voltage regulation (from 8W to 20W)
2. Transparent window, convenient filling
3. Air inlet regulation
4. Incomparable design: integration of atomizer and battery
5. All-metal surface, compact, exquisite and portable
6. Replaceable special eGrip CS Atomizer Head (1.5ohm)

20W Joyetech eGrip VW Kit -1500mAh, Christmas Edition

1.Output wattage adjustment
In this VW mode, wattage output can be adjusted by rotating the regulation ring clockwise or counterclockwise. With the wattage increasing, the vapor speed will be faster and you can enjoy a huger vapor.

2.Air inlet regulation

Spin the adjustable screw on the side of the bottom. The looser the screw is, the bigger the air inlet is.

Air inlet

3.Liquid filling

Push up the lid on the side of eGrip body, then slowly refill the liquids into the hole. And do remember to lock the cap after finishing filling.

Liquid filling

4.Atomizer Head replacement
Unscrew the big screw at the bottom with a coin, and the atomizer head is located on the base of it. Simply unscrew the atomizer head and replace a new one.

Plug the USB cable to the eGrip body from the bottom, and connect it to the wall adaptor or other power source such as a computer. (it can be used whilst on charge)

charging charging

It doesn't come with e-liquid. You shall purchase e-liquids separately.
There is CE mark on battery end.
The eGrip CS Atomizer Head is unique.
It's only for booking now. It will arrive later.

DOA (Dead on Arrival) ONLY!

Note: We now need serial number to proceed after-sales service. Please kindly preserve the serial number of product if it's available.

Average Rating:4.7
Product Quality:4.7
Shipping Time:4.7
Latest Customer Reviews(20)
  • fan9 
    15-09-11 15:43

    A great place to buy e cig, you have many special products that can't find at other vaping stores. Thumbs up. I come across this Xmas version kit from Google, nice shopping experience. I'm an old customer of Joyetech, so I order this egrip for the Christmas without hesitation.

    Product Quality
    Shipping Time
  • umit
    15-09-04 07:53

    Compact and beautiful design, I love this Xmas themed egrip. Easy to hold. No leakage so far. 3.6ml is a proper volume for my whole day's use.

    Product Quality
    Shipping Time
  • markb
    15-09-03 04:38

    I've bought two of this joye egrip, one is Santa Claus/White for me and the other is Christmas Tree/Green for my wife. Children love our action. LOL. By the way, this kit performs great, pure taste and dense cloud.

    Product Quality
    Shipping Time
  • ashleign
    15-08-31 10:38

    I'm happy with this egrip ordering. My mom loves it very much, for such special Christmas version design. I buy this egrip vw kit less than US$50, it's worth the price. The screen is easy to read. Pure cloud and taste.

    Product Quality
    Shipping Time
  • edgemaster11 
    15-08-30 18:22

    A great joye egrip kit, I love it. Hope you could release more holiday themed editions, making vaping more fun.

    Product Quality
    Shipping Time
  • yasaboss
    15-08-26 03:41

    Easy to stand on the desk. This sleek and robust xmas edition egrip gave me some surprises. I ever squeezed this kit on the floor and it still worked great up to now, only some scratches on edges. Trust Joyetech.

    Product Quality
    Shipping Time
  • delia
    15-08-26 03:17

    Bought this egrip vw kit for the upcoming Xmas, 20W is my favorite setting. 1500mAh lasts a whole day long. Love such a compact design, with clearomizer tank inserted in the mod, no leaking at all. Thumbs up to this holiday themed edition.

    Product Quality
    Shipping Time
  • dannyben
    15-08-24 02:58

    Thanks for the great product. It's hard to buy festive Christmas edition kit like this. I often use 15w setting, huge cloud. The egrip vw kit lasts two days for me.

    Product Quality
    Shipping Time
  •  michaelshive
    15-08-23 19:37

    This was a great gift for my dad on last Xmas. He likes Joyetech and can't love this gift more.

    Product Quality
    Shipping Time
  • libero
    15-08-20 20:45

    Works great! I'd buy it again this December for Xmas. Love egrip.

    Product Quality
    Shipping Time
  • kevink
    15-08-20 20:40

    Feel astonished with your fast shipping and the package is in perfect condition. Having used it for one week and everything goes well. But yesterday this egrip kit began to leak slightly, damn it, I hate leaking. Somebody helps me.

    Product Quality
    Shipping Time
  • cliffwalker
    15-08-16 17:42

    A reliable place for e cig. I had some product issues and the heaven gifts guys solved it for me immediately. Great service. This is a genuine egrip kit from joyetech. Love the festive design.

    Product Quality
    Shipping Time
  • koblick
    15-08-16 14:57

    Received this egrip weeks ago, I had a charging problem after several days' use. The salesman helped me solve the issue. Very glad experience. I often vape with a low 15w setting, the 1500mah lasts me almost two days. Fabulous.

    Product Quality
    Shipping Time
  • anendeloflorien
    15-08-15 23:21

    An eye-catching and beautiful egrip, friends said it's a hit with Xmas design. Love this egrip kit.

    Product Quality
    Shipping Time
  • tlhendrick
    15-08-14 22:20

    I received a 10% off discount code and applied it at the checkout box. It did work. Great. Love this egrip, couldn't let it off my hand on Xmas.

    Product Quality
    Shipping Time
  • toman
    15-08-12 18:17

    Festive design, bought this joye egrip for my dad. He used it on Christmas, kids all called him santa claus. What a great design.

    Product Quality
    Shipping Time
  • disgusted
    15-08-10 08:27

    No dry throat hit, no leak. Yet after one month, the egrip kit leaked a little, still could bear it. You know, almost all tanks leak.

    Product Quality
    Shipping Time
  • fasterman
    15-08-07 17:49

    Fantastic and creative, I love this Xmas edition egrip. My friends love it too, they say they would order one next year.

    Product Quality
    Shipping Time
  • gordonl
    15-08-06 21:01

    I had burning taste once, changed a new atomizer, it never happened since then. It's really suitable to use this egrip kit on Christmas. Great design.

    Product Quality
    Shipping Time
  • ozros1950
    14-12-19 16:00

    Just got my 'Merry Christmas' EGrip. It's fabulous. Friends are asking 'where did you get that?' Thank you Heaven Gifts for delivering before Christmas. As usual product and service are excellent.

    Product Quality
    Shipping Time
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Q celio

Boa noite. Comprei esse produto,20W Joyetech eGrip VW Kit - Limitada Christmas Edition. só preciso saber se ele é descartavel. Quando terminar a bateria como fazer para comprar outra, e a bobina coil onde comprar?

15-04-08 08:56
A Administrator 

Hello,Thanks for your support to HG. The eGrip battery is rechargeable but could not be changed. You would buy the coil also from our website. Please refer to below link

15-04-17 09:35
Q kimwoohyun

What about the Korean ship method?

15-02-07 00:59
A Administrator 

Sorry, we don't ship Joyetech products to Korea. If you buy other items (except Joyetech / Eleaf), you can use DHL, HK Airmail and CN Airmail. Thanks for your attention.

15-02-15 14:46
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