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Home 5pc Long Wick eGo CEX 1.6ml CC (Coil Changeable) clear cartomizer/clearomizer

5pc Long Wick eGo CEX 1.6ml CC (Coil Changeable) clear cartomizer/clearomizer

Long Wick 5pc eGo CEX 1.6ml CC (Coil Changeable) clear cartomizer/clearomizer,compatible with 510/eGo/eGo-T/eGo-C/eGo-C Twist battery, 7 colors.

  • Product No: 115678543
  • SKU No: 1156785431563000
  • Brand: KangerTech
  • Unit: pack
  • Point: 2.0
  • Net Weight: 82.0(g)
Market price: US$11.56
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  • 1.8ohm


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In Stock

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  1. compatible with 510/eGo/eGo-T/eGo-C/eGo-C Twist battery,

  2. 1.6ml liquid capacity, 1.8ohm

  3. A totally different coil unit, nearly only the wick part, simple and cheap. Easier to assemble the coil unit directly with wick and heating coil.

  1. Replacement coil unit is 5pc CEX Coil Unit for eGo CEX CC (Coil Changeable) clearomizer.

  2. Empty cartomizer, you still need e-liquids heavengifts.

Long Wick eGo CEX 1.6ml CC (Coil Changeable) clear cartomizer/clearomizer 5pc

Resistance 1.8 +/- 0.2ohm

  1. How to replace coil unit: Turn upside  down the cartomizer, screw off the metal part. Remove the old coil unit and put a new one instead. Then screw it back to the tube.

  2. Be sure that the coil unit is screwed into the cartomizer tightly. If you get few vapor when you use, try to make the clear cartomizer upside down to let the fibre wick and coil get e-liquid, which are on the top of the cartomizer.

  3. When the cartomizer does not perform well or stops working due to heavy use, just replace the coil unit with a new one, you will get a new cartomizer!
  4. How to remove your cartomizer from battery? Let's take Joyetech eVic MOD for example.

Firstly, please remove the metal ring from the Joyetech eVic mod.

Secondly, hold the bottom of the clear cartomizer when you separate it from battery MOD. Please do not screw the cartomizer from the top or middle of the cartomizer, just in case the e-liquid pour out.

Simple packing. Customary Packing from the factory,the packing is subject to change without notice.

Average Rating:4.6
Product Quality:4.6
Shipping Time:4.7
Latest Customer Reviews(13)
  • i3ordo
    15-11-16 23:03

    Nice wick and packaging. Does not flood the atomizer, very cheap method for multi flavour chain vaping.

    Product Quality
    Shipping Time
  • f1r3b1rd
    15-08-25 01:53

    I'm impressed with the craftsmanship of kanger ego. It seems durable.

    Product Quality
    Shipping Time
  • murphysharp
    15-08-22 15:46

    Nice product and ships fast. 1.6ml liquid could be used for several hours for me.

    Product Quality
    Shipping Time
  • quentin
    15-08-19 21:50

    The wick is obviously long, maybe it makes juice absorption full. Tried for several days, this kanger ego tank works fine to date.

    Product Quality
    Shipping Time
  • peterslove
    15-07-24 07:17

    I buy ego cex because its price and 1.6ml capacity. Easy to assemble on my battery, every two days to refill. Nice.

    Product Quality
    Shipping Time
  • jackie 
    15-07-16 06:00

    The ego cex comes into being great flavor and taste, no leaking of liquid and dry throat hit. I order some extra coil units for future replacement use. Fast delivery and nice customer service.

    Product Quality
    Shipping Time
  • dubbaka
    15-07-06 05:31

    Ordered joye 510 and liquid to match kanger ego cex, all from noted vaping brands. They perform well up to date.

    Product Quality
    Shipping Time
  • bawden
    15-06-24 18:13

    I ordered a battery together with ego kanger tank, and it's sad that I have to charge it everyday. Next time, I'd change to a higher capacity of battery. Worth to try for vaper beginners.

    Product Quality
    Shipping Time
  • nonqaba 
    15-05-26 23:39

    I don't need to refill liquid everyday with the big 1.6ml capacity. This kanger ego cex is nice looking and elegant, a perfect match with my mod battery. It slightly leaks occasionally.

    Product Quality
    Shipping Time
  • rajdutt 
    15-05-19 09:17

    My friends and I share this set of clearomizer. Kanger Ego tank is easy to use.

    Product Quality
    Shipping Time
  • nagarathna 
    15-05-19 04:31

    Together with this ego cex clearomizer, I buy some coil units and tools. As coil unit is easy to damage for heavy vapers like me. Nice shopping experience. The customer service is very enthusiastic and professional.

    Product Quality
    Shipping Time
  • marzipan
    15-03-20 04:22

    Lot of vapour and lot of flavour.
    CEX clearomizer is my champion.

    When I relised HG didn’t want to sell it any more I purchased some expensive new mods and atomizers, but they can not replace CEX clearomizer for me.
    This small device is the winner, absolutely.
    Small, cheap, cheap coils, easy to refill, easy to change coil.
    It is the best clearomizer on eGo-C, on mechanical mod, and what's more on a VW IPV mini.
    It is a liquid-saver carto, but despite of this it produces the best vapor.
    I vape 50 ml HG Blueberry/DK Ruyan4 for 1-2 weeks before I need to change the coil.
    For beginners, for ladies, for those who don't want or can not work with building coils or don't want to spend a lot of money.
    I love this device.
    I am really sorry HG stop selling this amazing product.

    HG stock up the 1,8 Ohm coil unit, please.
    Which is actually 2,2 ohm, but this is the best for me.
    Thank you.

    Product Quality
    Shipping Time
  • venus
    14-02-12 15:30

    i like this clearomizers for their compact size and extremely cheap replacement units. smoking is also very smooth with standard eGo 3.3V battery. there are cons - actual capacity is less than 1.5ml and refilling is not very convenient due to narrow tube. however price makes them one of the best smoking solution.

    Product Quality
    Shipping Time
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