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Home BrandPilotVape Coil Magician

PilotVape DIY part

As a convenient electric automatic coil jig to use, PilotVape Coil Magician meets all your DIY coil needs. With such an innovative product, you can easily create your own comfortable heating wire. ​It is lightweight and convenient, easy to carry. Good choice for DIY fans!

PilotVape Coil Magician Tab

PilotVape Coil Magician Tab

Coil Magician Tab is a revolutionary innovation by PilotVape. It is a powerful coil DIY tool powered by a 18650 battery so that you can build coil fast and easy.

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PilotVape Coil Magician

PilotVape Coil Magician

PilotVape coil magician is a revolutionary innovative product, made of high-quality stainless steel. Coiling is driven by high power motor, and you can use 18350 batteries.

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