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Home WISMEC Noisy Cricket 18650 MOD W/O Battery

WISMEC Noisy Cricket 18650 MOD W/O Battery

WISMEC Noisy Cricket 18650 MOD W/O Battery is a classic style, fashionable look MOD with aluminum alloy body and surface brushed treatment. It uses two 18650 lithium batteries.

  • Product No: 361848678
  • SKU No: 3618486780140000
  • Brand: WISMEC
  • Unit: pc
  • Point: 25.0
  • Net Weight: 122.0(g)
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In Stock

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1. All the SMOK, Vaporesso and KIMSUN products and some WISMEC products must be declared at China Customs. Thanks for your attention and kindly understanding!
2. Due to exclusive distributor of WISMEC, we do not send WISMEC products to customers in South Korea or UK.

WISMEC Noisy Cricket 18650 MOD

Product Introduction

WISMEC Noisy Cricket 18650 MODW/O Battery is a classic style, fashionable look MOD with aluminum alloy body and surface brushed treatment. It uses two 18650 lithium batteries, with innovative button and ventilation holes design.


Size (length x width x height): 44 x 22 x 79mm

Cell type: two 18650 cells

Thread type: 510 thread

Recommended resistance range: 0.25 - 0.5ohm

WISMEC Noisy Cricket MOD comes with

  • 1 x WISMEC Noisy Cricket MOD body W/O Battery
  • 1 x Hybrid Adapter
  • 1 x Fire Button
  • 1 x Package Box

Simple packing. Customary Packing from the factory, the packing is subject to change without notice.


High Power Output

Changeable 18650 Cells Design

Bottom Ventilation Holes

SMPL Style Button & Hybrid Adapter

WISMEC Noisy Cricket 18650 MOD

WISMEC Noisy Cricket 18650 MOD

WISMEC Noisy Cricket 18650 MOD

How to use: Please insert two lithium batteries in the opposite direction. This is important.

Note: positive to atomizer (hybrid adapter/510 connection), negative to button.

WISMEC Noisy Cricket 18650 MOD

Average Rating:5.0
Product Quality:5.0
Shipping Time:5.0
Latest Customer Reviews(3)
  • cagle73
    16-01-21 14:56

    I think this mod with the Indestructible RDA would be a perfect match. It's sleek, small, and fells good in the hand. Plus Wismec made it. Anything that Wismec has made has been awesome!!!

    Product Quality
    Shipping Time
  • tolstiyk
    16-01-21 14:40

    This mod is a simple, smallest and on two batteries.
    Be sure to buy it

    Product Quality
    Shipping Time
  • zimmer_marcus
    15-12-28 23:11



    At first... I feel honored to be one of the first ones in Germany who got this famous MOD. And to be the first one here who is reviewing this greatful product.
    In all it's simplicity, the Noisy Cricket is one of the best MODs I own.
    It comes in a small transparent plastic box... Nothing but the MOD within...
    On the backside you find a (very) small introduction to the MOD. BUT NO INSTRUCTION OF THE RECOMMENDED MAX RESISTANCE OF THE USED ATOMIZER. This you can find on the Wismec website.
    The Body of the Noisy Cricket is from alloy aluminium with a brushed finish. On top, there are two threads where you can thread in the fire button and the hybrid connector of your atomizer. You can use them from both sides - the threads are equal. To insert the batteries you push in one with plus on top and the second with plus on bottom (30A High Drain or higher are recommended) I use a pair of the Sony Konion VTC5A to be sure. Screw in the fire button slightly but close to the battery. Mount the hybrid-connector to the 510-thread of your atomizer and screw it an top of the MOD. Now the firework can begin...
    You have to realize, that the two fresh charged batteries will bring about 8.4 Volt !!!!
    Will mean that with a resistance of 0.25 Ohms and full batteries you will fire with 282,24 Volts and discharge your batterie with 33.6 Amps... That will show, that this product is nothing for a newcomer in vaping... I would recommend a resistance from about 0.45 to 0.6 or even higher.
    To resume, I will say, that this pretty and innocent looking thing is a real devil's toy... Great in design, great in quality, but also great in beeing dangerous for inexpertly users...But I love it...

    I would like to propose to Wismec to add some warnings on their package or to add a manual that explains the box and gives warning for the use with not qualified batteries.
    Because of the low price and the cool design it will be attractive for newcomers who don't realize the force of electricity...

    Product Quality
    Shipping Time
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Q Non-registered buyer

What brand 18650 comes with this device?

16-04-06 10:04
A Administrator 

Hi, it's WISMEC brand. Thanks for your attention.

16-04-06 10:09

Is there any way of telling when they will arrive

16-03-26 10:20
A Administrator 

Hi, it's for pre-order. And we ship orders according to payment sequence. Thanks for your attention.

16-03-28 10:02
Q Non-registered buyer

What preorder mean a just order one right now but i didnt see it

15-12-12 08:30
A Administrator 

Hi, pre-order means one item is not available for the moment, but will arrive soon. When we get them, we'll ship orders according to payment sequence.

15-12-14 10:27
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