Traditional cigarettes and electronic cigarettes may look similar but work in totally different ways. One is a paper tube with a filler and tobacco, the other is a battery that heat up liquid and vaporizes nicotine for inhaling. 

It’s not surprising that most new users try to inhale nicotine from their first e cigarette the same way as they inhale from a tobacco cigarette. But after taking quick and short puffs, sore throat and lung will remind you that puffing e-cig is totally different from smoking cigarette. E smoking has no tobacco, ignition and smoke. The only similarity is both of them need to be placed on mouth. 

Smokers may get disappointed and go back to tobacco cigarette. So it’s necessary to learn how to inhale an electronic cigarette.

You may ask: what’s correct way to actually inhale an e-cig? Here are several steps for you to follow for enjoying your vaping experience.

1. Primer puff - it is a technology to pre-heat atomizer and produce the most vapor. 
Remove atomizer from e-cig and open it. 
Fill with half of e juice and reassemble it.
Take 5 puffs to draw e liquid into the wicks with no battery power
Take more 5 puffs powered by battery and atomizer is ready for use

2. Draw - take a steady and slow draw when inhaling nicotine from e-cig. Draw the vapor into your mouth instead of lung. If nicotine is not inhaled into mouth first, the less nicotine absorption will dissatisfy you.  

3. Hold - After the first step, hold the vapor in your mouth for 3-5 seconds before inhaling inhaling into lung or exhaling through nose or mouth. Traditional cigarette can only allow you to absorb nicotine through lung, but with e cigarette, nicotine can be inhaled mouth first, then nose and mouth.

4. Wait - it will take about 30 seconds to absorb nicotine in e-cig while a traditional cigarette will deliver “effects” within 8 seconds. It’s very frustrating for some new e smokers, but they will get used to it after a period.