Before reading this article, you possibly heard some rumors related the usage of electronic cigarette. As with anything new, society raises concerns. However, sometimes news on media leads to false myths and misconceptions. Let’s tackle some of them!

7 Myths about E-Cigarette

Myth No.1: E-cigs are unhealthy because e-liquid contains nicotine.

There are different levels of nicotine in e-liquid (from 0 mg to 24 mg). Although nicotine is highly addictive, it is less harmful than tobacco as ‘vaping' does not release smoke, carbon dioxide or any other harmful components.

Myth No.2: E-cigarettes can explode.
This is not true in general terms. As applied with any other electrical device, you have to read the instructions carefully provided by manufactures. Would you put metal in a microwave? Exactly! Then you cannot disregard e-cigs instructions either.

Myth No.3 E-cigarettes taste bad.
Fact: The taste largely depends on the product’s quality. Therefore, it is very important to choose a trustworthy brand. Choosing your e-cig brand wisely can guarantee the quality and life cycle of your e-cigarette.

Myth No.4 Children and teenagers will be allured to use e-cigarettes because of its sweet flavors.
E-cigarettes are designed for smokers who want to quit or smokers who switch to e-cig to improve their health. A recent survey shows that only 0.4 per cent of e-cigs users were not former smokers. Since some e-liquid contains nicotine, tobacco regulations apply for this product. Thus, children under 18 cannot purchase this e-cigs legally. Sweet flavors are not made to appeal children at all. They are just part of a wide variety of flavors offered in the market.

Myth No.5: Vapor produced by electronic cigarettes is similar to second hand smoke.
This is absolutely wrong. The vapor from e-cig does not contain tobacco, has no smell and has no harmful chemicals.

Myth No. 6: Electronic cigarettes are made with anti-freeze.
Also, simply not true. Why would a company use dangerous chemicals in their product? Click here to find out more about e-juice base ingredients.

Myth No. 7: E-cigs can cause cancer.
There is no scientific evidence e-cigarettes are as harmful as smoking tobacco cigarettes. In fact, e-juice does not contain tobacco and tar in e-juice. Although highly addictive, nicotine inhalation has little effects on human health.