Everyone knows that smoking habit is not good. As a smoker, there are 7 reasons to switch to electronic cigarettes from traditional tobacco cigarette.

1. Health benefits
Although traditional tobacco cigarette pose a threat to your lung capacity and body health, it will take a long time and painful procedure to quit smoking. Second hand smoking-it is be harmful to your children and other family members. E-cig is designed to help heavy smokers to give up smoking. Powered by battery, the device vaporizes nicotine and produce water vapor. E cigarette users can enjoy a real cigarette experience by inhaling nicotine instead of tobacco.

2. Smell
Terrible smell from a regular smoker will make nonsmokers or people who quit smoking uncomfortable. But for e-cig users , they can choose their favorite flavors such as melon, candy or chocolate.

3. Cold, Hot or Wet Weather
Whether in offices, airports or shops, cigarette smoking is banned. You have to go outside for smoking even in stormy weather. Luckily e cigarettes are allowed in many public places, you can enjoy vaping inside.

4. Cost

Smoking will cost you a lot. If you are a heavy smoker, you will spend money on a pack of cigarettes daily. At beginning, it seems that the price of e cigarette starter kit is higher than a cigarette. But the amount of e juice allows you to inhale nicotine in a longer time than a regular cigarette. Some components of electronic cigarette can be changed or recharged, which cost less than cigarette.

5. Fashion

The number of e smokers grows rapidly and e cigarette become more and more popular. More and more stylish women smokers are attracted by shining crystal-inlaid e-cig and its trendy case. E-cigs are also cool things for men smokers. E smoking can produce vapor as a regular cigarette, but it has lower risks than smoking habit. With a pack of smokeless products in their bag, they can enjoy nicotine inhalation anywhere. Even Hollywood celebrities, designers and models use e cigarette and take a puff as smoking a real one.

6. Technology
The improvements and researches on electronic cigarettes have never been stopped these years.  Smarter design and updates on its components are supported by people who love intelligent products.

7. Interesting

Unlike traditional cigarette, the designs of e cigarette are different. Many e cigarette manufacturers allow e smokers to choose their favorite flavors and vapor colors. Some components of e-cig can be DIY for higher vapor and throat hit. You can customize your own vaping experience.