The spotlight falls on iTaste 134 advanced personal mod today. It did surprise me when I opened the package. It was laid in a safe box, I mean a mini version of box really. I can tell it must be an extraordinary mod in the first sight for such a delicate and luxurious packaging there.iTaste 134

The Most Extraordinary & Masculine Aesthetic
The surprise did continue that when I opened the safe box of innokin iTaste 134. It is 34mm in diameter. Quite huge as an advanced personal mod. Look at the metal bars placed around the mod unit. A total mini machine gun I would judge if no one else told me. In terms of its name iTaste 134, I suggest the design inspiration of it is from the machine gun M134 model. To grab iTaste 134 in hand, the all stainless steel made mod brings an unusual hefty feeling, an easier grip it already reaches I think. Anyway, it won’t trouble you to see that this one definitely is a masculine mod.

The Quality Build of Innokin iTaste
The build of innokin iTaste 134 is the beast. I wrote above that it is all stainless steel made, and actually that includes the thread. There must some of you vape guys have been through a weak thread posting thing. The trouble of a single component ruined everything, I wish I would never ever go there. So a stainless steel made thread is ready for your tests. I firmly believe it won’t fail you. The adapted ring screwed on the thread has its own subtle design too. To reach a better airflow, manufacturer has drilled two hole through on the sides of the ring. Another point is about the central pin. I found a loose pin there always leads to a weak contact to the battery. This time, iTaste 134 introduced a spring loaded one which placed on the bottom cap. Thus, a much higher adaptability it brings.Even some vapers told me this mod can last 10 years. But I am not intend to say that for this e-cigarette industry is relatively new and vaping devices can last a decade is only a guess. If any device has that potential, I consider iTaste 134 would be among them.

The Scale Display Variable Wattage

Innokin iTaste 134 is not a mechanical mod as it looks like. It simply adopts a variable wattage mode. I kind of caught the purpose innokin intended to get on this iTaste 134, namely a easier and durable vaping experience. Why easier? For a wattage output mod, you only need to consider the amount of power you desire. And remain quite a great time on various cartomizers and ohms experiencing. Meanwhile, the scale display dial ring there can be rotated clockwise and counterclockwise. Rotating the dial ring, it is along with clicking sound. As this implies an intuitive and accurate performance.

The Safety Monitoring System
Besides above features, innokin took much on its safety usage. A battery level led indicator transmits green, yellow and red lights, separately indicates a fully charged, half charged, and low charged battery life. 10 seconds cutoff and short circuit protection are also included. In addition, a reverse battery protection is first introduced on iTaste 134. For many times I did mistake the electrode poles of batteries. And this technology is invented to reduce the risks of maloperation.

All in all, innokin itaste 134 as a high quality mod worth your try if a mech-looked and masculine mod you desire for.