Innokin and Kanger in the past few years did contribute a lot to electronic cigarette industry. Both of them are game changers. With these major manufacturers’ effects, only do we enjoy these advanced personal vaporizers. Innokin iTaste VV 4 is such a battery that brings me a whole new vaping experience. If you think the iTaste MVP is the new king, then I treat iTaste VV 4 a stick shaped version of it. Besides, iTaste VV 4 is a portable one ready for your out and about.iTaste VV 4

Practical and aesthetic design
At first sight of innokin iTaste VV 4, roughly an ego e-cig look comes to mind. However, the main body of it is square with rounded edges, so it isn’t as slippy as a round one, and won’t cut your hands when holding it. The coated paint of iTaste VV 4 is one of the best I’ve ever seen. If you take a careful look, you will find the paint deliver a shiny metal effect. Innokin iTaste VV 4 comes in 4 different color for your personalized choice.

Variable voltage & variable wattage
Unlike a regular battery, innokin iTaste VV 4 features two modes, namely variable voltage and variable wattage. Thus it offers more options for vaper to vape their e-juice. As some of you may know that, each certain e-juice has its own compatible heat. What’ more, such highly functional device only measures 130mm in length. 

It takes 3 buttons to finish the whole operation. To access the VV or VW mode, hold the Fire button and the minus sign button first and it goes into VV, hold the Fire button and the plus sign and it goes into VW mode. If you want to check the resistance of your tank, simply hold both plus and minus buttons, the resistance of it will be displayed on the OLED screen, and the voltage you set will be read out on it in the same time.

Safety protection and usage
As an advanced vaping device, iTaste VV 4 helps vapers to foster a healthy and safe using habit. A 10 seconds cut-off is applied on it. Because a relatively longer vaping in one time will lead a strong hit to your throat or lungs, also shorten the lifespan of the tank. Some of you must encountered leakage problem, it waste the e-liquid we have, meanwhile lead short circuit happen to the battery. To prevent the harmful short circuit, iTaste VV 4 adopts the latest tech. Besides, a pass-through function is also available on this device.

At last, innokin iTaste VV4 is the one for these who prefer a stealthy vape and enjoy the premium vaping experience an iTaste MVP brings