To all valued customers:

We are writing to you today to ask for your support in the current ‘FDA – Deeming Regulations’ decision making process which is currently happening in America.

The FDA are collecting public comments from manufacturers, vendors and end-users so that they better understand all aspects of Advanced Personal Vaporizers and electronic cigarettes and can make an informed decision about the future of vaping in America. The comment period will end on August 8th, 2014 after which the FDA will consider comments, discuss and meet and then reach a decision about regulations.

As you may know, FDA recently published its proposed “Deeming Regulations” which proposes to regulate e-cigarettes and personal vaporizers as regulated tobacco products under the Tobacco Control Act in the United States.  The FDA is saying that vaporizers are tobacco products, which work in the same way and with potentially the same amount of harm as traditional cigarettes and tobacco products. If the FDA applies the same rules to our products as it does to tobacco products like cigarettes, this will destroy our vaping industry in America and have a huge negative effect on vaping around the world!

If the FDA decides to regulate vaporizers the same way as cigarettes & tobacco products it will become practically impossible for vaporizer companies to comply with the many burdensome requirements that currently apply to harmful tobacco products. FDA premarket authorization requirements alone will be extremely expensive and it will become difficult for vaporizer products to remain and develop on the U.S. market long term.

To do this there are thing that you can do right now to help protect the current vaporizer market and future growth of vaping in America:

Business customers: Prepare a comment on behalf of your company and submit it to the FDA.

Business customers: Ask your vendors and distributors to submit comments on behalf of their own companies.

End users: Register your own personal experience, opinions and feedback about the benefits of vaping over cigarettes and other tobacco products and submit your own comments.

The Comments must be submitted at:;D=FDA-2014-N-0189-20870

For possible content suggestions and guidelines please refer to the sections below.

Your comments, the comments of your vendors and distributors and the comments of the vapers using your products will all be considered by the FDA in making their final decisions. If you agree with us and want to see vaping grow and evolve in America and around the world please promote this information to your vendors, distributors and end-users.

Comment Guidelines

It is very easy to submit a comment however it is also very important that the comment be prepared properly for maximum effect.  The FDA are scientists and engineers and comments that are well organized, clear and have facts and good information supporting them will be more important to them when they make their decision.

Distributors and Vendors:

When preparing your comments you should remember three very important factors:

1)   The FDA are a scientific association and are looking for quantitative evidence that vaporizers and electronic cigarettes are a) less harmful than cigarettes b) an alternative to smoking which assists users in stopping the fatal habit of smoking.

2)   The FDA are concerned that young people will begin vaping and then move onto nicotine and then onto smoking cigarettes. They are very concerned about products being sold to minors and being marketed to minors. This is extremely important.

3)   The lack of regulations and manufacturing standards in vaporizers and eliquids concerns the FDA. The long-term effects of vaping are not fully understood and high temperature vaping is also considered a negative part of the vaping community.

Please note that you can submit any information that you want and the following are just guidelines.


If you are a vendor you can discuss in your comments how the regulations will make it too costly for you to remain in business (in addition to how the product have changed their lives for the better by getting them away from smoking).  You can talk about the economic stimulus you provide to your community through jobs and through the third party services you use when running your business. If you provide training and support for you staff this could also be mentioned as community development as well.

You should also talk about how you only market your products responsibly to adults and fully comply with, and enforce, all smoking age restrictions.

If you are interested and feel it would be useful please forward these guidelines onto the End-users of your products.

End-User Suggestions & Guidelines

You could answer the following questions or write however you feel would be most effective in convincing the FDA that vaping is important and has helped you.

*Has vaping helped you? How?

* What are your experiences and opinions about vaporizers and ecigs?

* Have vaporizers improved your health, by helping you transition away from smoking cigarettes?

* Should vaping be allowed and promoted in America in the future or should only cigarettes continue to be sold?

* In your opinion is vaping beneficial?

* Do you have any scientific evidence or studies that help back your opinion?

Thanks for your time.


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