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Home 10pc empty Flat tip XL tank cartridges compatible with Joyetech 510-T

10pc empty Flat tip XL tank cartridges compatible with Joyetech 510-T

NOT JOYETECH products! 10pc semi-transparent empty flat tip XL tank cartridges, compatible with Joyetech 510-T! 7.5mm longer, 40% bigger capacity!

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  • SKU No: 112022234175000
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  • Point: 3.5
  • Net Weight: 20.0(g)
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Quantity 717   

Notice: Joyetech now requires S/N (serial number) before providing replacements (due to counterfeits in market).
We recommend you to keep the packing boxes after you get parcel, or take a picture of SN before you discard it. Thank you!

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These are empty flat tip semi-transparent XL tank cartridges, compatible with Joye 510-T e-cig.
It's NOT a JOYETECH product!! 7.5mm longer, 40% bigger capacity!

1. There is no tissue or polyster fiber inside. They work well with the Joye 510-T atomizers.

2. Each empty tank cartridge can carry about 0.7ml
e-juice/e-liquid, which can support about 135 puffs. It is equal to 8 real cigarettes!

3. Just put the empty cartridges stand upside down, flip open cap to fill the liquid into the cartridges. With a prefilled tank cartridges and Joye 510-T atomizers, you don't need to drip constantly.. Fill it with your favorite e-juice to get dripping easier!

4. W
e can't meet the demand to refill empty cartridges with e-juice for customers.

Empty flat tip semi-transparent XL tank cartridges compatible with Joye 510-T 10 pcs

Simple packing. Customary Packing from the factory,the packing is subject to change without notice.

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Latest Customer Reviews(16)
  • weakage66
    12-06-18 04:48

    Theses will add a few hours to your vaping day. If you use a 510-t you will like these. I can can just make it through the day with one of theses. Nice!

  • weakage66
    12-05-10 06:36

    Great tanks less filling! No problems will order again. Also I have ordered alot out of China and HG has the fast shipping I have ever had from China (9 -10 days) to the U.S.

  • edivan
    12-01-30 17:52

    Perfect tank!
    Great that you found these bigger capacity tanks on the market! Sometimes a copy is better than the original! They are the reason why I use more 510-T than Ego-T!

  • snap6cat
    11-10-07 04:28

    I prefer these to the supplied, they hold more and for me the flavor is better. Also very inexpensive. Another good product.

  • hrfanatics
    11-09-29 12:50

    These tanks are much better than the smaller round ones. The flat tips are more comfortable , and they are made well, and last so much longer then the tanks for my ego T. I love the 510 T atty's and these tanks.

  • szandor
    11-09-13 06:51

    i never have problem with them. Works very good with 510-t atos

  • agamemnon
    11-07-02 07:38

    Excellent. I'm using these cartridges for more than a month with a 510-atomizer on Joye-Stick with adapter and the eGo-batteries. They work like the eGo-T cartridges without any problems. Buy this, you'll enjoy it.

  • stugel
    11-06-10 12:42

    Sorry I left the review on the wrong page. This one is for the 510T XL carts. They work as well as the Joyes but have larger capacity. If you like the 510 T you will like these.

  • stugel
    11-06-10 12:39

    I got the 510-eGo adapters and they allow for much better airflow then when just hooking an ego type atty or carto to the 510 battery. Be careful not to over tighten as it can be difficult to unscrew without a pliers with a cloth over the threads so as not to damage it.

  • warlion
    11-06-03 12:26

    i just recive mine and are so much better than the joyetech version i love this the only bad thing i find is when i order only transparent color were avalible and now had so many colors i have to order the black ones soon lol
    for spanish people

  • fafelo
    11-06-02 10:12

    Perfect, this ones are better that the one that comes with the KIT, both works the same, but this one holds more, no leaking at all, perfect all the way.

  • rivamxn
    11-05-27 01:35

    llevo una semana usandolos y son bastante practicos para llenar y sin problemas, ademas te da mas autonomia

  • bighairyass
    11-05-19 10:13

    I have been using these for about 2 weeks now and haven't had any problems, No leaking and you can see when they need refilling.
    E-liquid can't get into your mouth because of the design of the tip.
    I'd recommend these over any other I've used.
    The only thing is you do have to use own polyester filling if your going to use them on normal Atomiser's which really isn't a problem.

  • iliana
    11-05-19 03:34

    They holds a lot of liquid though the lenght of the cart is still very comfortable. No leaks. Very easy to fill. Will take some more packs, will use them as mini storage bottles as well :)

  • bombucho
    11-05-12 14:50

    Bought in this shop. It is the best goods!

  • seedynut
    11-05-01 13:02

    I really like these extra long 510-T carts, they last twice as long as the regular ones.

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