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Home 10 x Silicon Joyetech eGo-T/eGo-C overflow prevention caps for tank cartridges

10 x Silicon Joyetech eGo-T/eGo-C overflow prevention caps for tank cartridges

Silicon Joyetech eGo-T/eGo-C overflow prevention cap is used at the bottom part of tank cartridge, 2 types available.

  • Product No: 161966004
  • SKU No: 1619660040001020
  • Brand: Joyetech
  • Unit: 10pc
  • Point: 0.8
  • Net Weight: 8.0(g)
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Quantity 10205   

Notice: Joyetech now requires S/N (serial number) before providing replacements (due to counterfeits in market).
We recommend you to keep the packing boxes after you get parcel, or take a picture of SN before you discard it. Thank you!

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Genuine Joyetech products. It is used at the bottom part of tank cartridges, these caps will now ensure you refill your Cartridges at your leisure and no need to repeatedly purchase tank cartridges!

There are two types, Type A can fit Joye eGo-T/eGo-C mega tank cartridges, cone shape/Type A.

Type B can fit 10pc empty semi-transparent Joye eGo-T/eGo-C tank mega cartridges! Cylinder shape/Type B!

Silicon Joye eGo-T/eGo-C overflow prevention caps for tank cartridges 10 pcs

Type A:
Type B:

Simple packing. Customary Packing from the factory,the packing is subject to change without notice.
Average Rating:5.0
Product Quality:5.0
Shipping Time:5.0
Latest Customer Reviews(10)
  • arielc
    14-05-04 20:28

    Awesome! Thankyou thankyou thankyou!! No more leaks!! I can reuse these a few times each and they do a great job. Easy to fill, either with a needle dropper or gently remove silicon cap and directly fill the tank and replace silicone.
    I cannot praise this item enough! I keep the old hard plastic caps to use as lids for transporting filled tanks :)

  • skypea
    13-05-07 18:16

    I never have leaks with these. They work great and they are a great price! I use them over again and have no problems. Just make sure tank is snapped in tight. Better then hard caps. Fast shipping to California and Heavens Gifts sent me a really cute free keychain.

  • mpuskaric
    12-07-26 18:35

    Since using them I had no problem with e-liquid leaking from the tanks. Great product. Excellent price. My recommendation to purchase.

  • giska
    12-05-25 02:45

    Definitely need to be carefully drilled before first use, very durable, recommended for the ego-t atomizer.

  • tolkat
    12-05-12 00:41

    They work great. Just put one of those on the atomizer and you can carry it everywhere without spills and leakages!!!

  • mega_cop
    12-05-04 01:24

    Very much were pleasant, therefore bought still, excellent quality and fast delivery. Thanks!

  • venus
    12-04-22 22:27

    not sure these caps can prevent e-juice leakage, because the most likely leakage way - through atomizer. i use a piece of straw (got it from a cotton stick) to refill tanks without opening them and with these caps it's becomes too hard to refill.

  • katarina
    12-04-21 06:51

    Dear friends!

    I bought a silicone cap and can you recommend them to everyone because they are very useful, placing them in the tank to leak nedolazi e-soka.Slobodno buy them you will not go wrong!

    Best regards!

  • mega_cop
    12-04-19 02:09

    High quality! Leakages aren't present! excellent price! I advise to buy!!!

  • leib
    12-04-16 01:31

    Great thing! The must!
    No leakage even when tank is almost empty.
    It is possible to fill the tank without removing the cap - just press the bottle's nozzle against the cap's hole.

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