Hope it is never too late to talk about Aspire nautilus and nautilus mini version. I’m sure all you vape guys knew it already. It is so popular that marks the tank of the year 2014, actually its good market performance continues in the first half year of 2015. And you noticed that Aspire nautilus have 2 version. What makes Aspire to release 2 nautilus tanks? Is that only a size difference? Don’t be bother around, before a comparison, let’s find the merits or the new update techs it builds.Aspire Nautilus

Bottom Vertical Coil Structure
Aspire nautilus mini is the first tank introduced the bottom vertical coil structure in deed. The original Aspire nautilus clearomizer was using BDC structure, then transmits to BVC. An obvious change happens in a coil is, the placement of a coil of BVC is a little bit upper than BDC’s. If you observe the coil inside carefully, you will find the placement of a coil of BDC is deep down in the base and the shape of a regular BDC tank is more pillar-liked, meanwhile the diameter of a regular BVC tank is wider. If the BDC solves a wick problem, then BVC on this basis, improves the effective contact area with e-juice. Besides, Aspire introduces a new wick material---ceramic cotton. It appears it absorbs e-juice quicker and better than regular cotton.

Precise Air Flow Valve
After all, it is all about a draw. The concept of an air flow system is revolutionary for us, but still feel something there need to be revised. Some of vapers felt a tight draw, the amount of vapor is not that enough. Aspire nautilus tank changes this situation with a precise air flow valve was invented. A ring at the lower part of the base for rotating to expose one of four different size of inlet holes: 0.9mm, 1.1mm, 1.4mm, 1.8mm in diameter. You will feel a nice click when place the ring at any of these four holes. The edge of the ring was revised as scotia shape as for an easier spinning. For a real world using, you take a first draw, the pressure inside will be built up to lead the e-juice into coil. Once a gurgling happens, you just spin the valve to the next port, more air follow into the chamber of the coil, the gurgling sound fade away faster than usual.

The Difference Between Aspire Nautilus and Nautilus Mini
Aspire nautilus Tank features a capacity of 5ml. A large capacity means a couple day more vaping without refilling. As Aspire nautilus mini is 2ml, which means less vape residue left there, I guess it is for a flavor chaser who changes different kind of e-juice often.   With the change of capacity, Aspire works follow the Ohm law to reach a good taste other than failing vapers. Thus Aspire nautilus carries a default resistance of 1.6ohm coil, mini carries a 1.8 ohm one. There is one more thing worth a knowing is the fire pin of Aspire nautilus mini is spring loaded, so as to avoid a poor contact with the battery or mod and prolong a life span. I doubted why does an Aspire nautilus comes with a regular pin instead of a spring loaded one. Then I realise a 5ml capacity is lager enough and you do not screw off it from the battery or mod and fill e-liquid as often as an Aspire nautilus mini should be. How sweet design!

To reach an ideal flavor for most vapers is the mountain, Aspire nautilus tank and mini no doubt are the milestone of regular clearomizers. People in the vape community even said, Aspire nautilus is smart enough for a starter. No tight draw, no flooding, no fuss, no wonder it makes the most popular tank of the year 2014.