As an alternative of tobacco cigarette, electronic cigarette allows users to enjoy the mimic vaping experience through atomization process. Every e-cig has three basic parts- battery, cartridge and atomizer. But sometimes another component will be added to atomizer , which is also called cartomizer or clearomizer. After all, both cartomizer and clearomizer include atomizer. As a new e smoker, it may be a big challenge to learn what are the differences between atomizer, clearomizer and cartomizer.

What is atomizer?
With an end attached to battery and separated from the rest of tank, atomizer tube has a wick to absorb liquid and control the amount of liquid near coil. When e juice drips directly into the atomizer, the coil will heat up the liquid powered by battery until it reaches vaporization point. 

What is cartomizer?
The design of cartomizer is similar to atomizer. It is a single unit that combines cartridge and atomizer. The big difference between cartomizer and atomizer is that cartomizer has a heat-resistant polyfill saturated with e-liquid and wrapped around coil, which allows longer vaping time. 

What is clearomizer?

Clearomizer is the most popular version in the current market. A transparent tank will allow you to see how much liquid inside a clearomizer. Clearomizers are always cylindrical and delivering e liquid to heating coil through a wick. It’s easier to control the amount of e liquid than atomizer. You also can change the wicks and add coils for different vaping experiences.

Types of clearomizers
Top coils

Near atomizer head

Nice vapor

Easy to refill

Not very good wick

Need re-wet wick

Bottom coils Great wick
Cool vapor
No burning taste

Noisy tank

Tank leaking

Hard to fill e liquid

Multiple Coils
More and cooler vapor
Stronger throat hit

Shorter battery life

The question is which one is the best, atomizer, cartomizer or clearomizer?

It is hardly to say which one is the winner. All of them have advantages and disadvantages. The choices are largely depend on your personal preferences.

Longer life cycle
Easy to maintain and clean
Easy to change e juice flavors
Easy to refill

E liquid leaking

Hard to know how much e liquid left

Hold more liquid than atomizer
Easy to refill
Easier to rebuild

Easy to break and leak

Retain flavor from previous e juice

High capacity of e liquid
Clear tank for knowing the amount of liquid left
Customize vaping experience by adding more
Coils or change wicks 

Shorter battery life

Expensive cost

May cause leaking