A cigarette contains nicotine and other toxic chemicals. Tobacco smoking is a habit that poses a harmful threat to body heath and reduces your chances of living longer life. For people who quit smoking, the benefits are obvious. Your skin and breathing will improve gradually. But nicotine is high addictive, it is a painful process of smoking quit and you have to fight with the crave for smoking. When you give up smoking, you may suffer from annoying mood and scatterbrain.

There are three main methods to stop smoking including electronic cigarette using, nicotine replacement therapy and stop smoking medication.

Quit Smoking by Using Electronic Cigarette

Electronic cigarette is a battery operated device that mimics cigarette to create vapor and becomes more and more popular today. It is can be used in where smoking is prohibited and considered as a natural way to give up smoking.

Quit Smoking by Using NRT

NRT, also is nicotine replacement therapy, provides a way to help you inhale lower level of nicotine and get rid of other harmful substances in tobacco. There are different choices for NRT such as nicotine gum, tablets and spray.

Quit Smoking by Using Medications
There are two medications for you to stop smoking including bupropion and champix. It is said that bupropion can treat depression of smoking. Champix can also reduce unpleasant moods while giving up smoking. But both of them have side effects on body health.

According to researches, electronic cigarette is more effective than NRT or smoking medication for smoking quit. So there are two things that we want to make sure before get start: you want to quit smoking and still can not stop smoking after tried NRT and medication.

Now you may plan to choose electronic cigarette as a alternative of traditional cigarette. Are e cigarette is safer than traditional cigarette? As opinions vary and no researches can ensure that there are no potential risks on e cigarette. But it can produce less toxic chemicals than regular cigarettes. In the long run, e cigarette users can save more money on smoking habit.

As a new e smoker you may wonder that can e-cig really help you quit smoking? Someone said yes but someone said no. The below is a regular process for smokers who have stop smoking with the help of electronic cigarette.

Most new electronic cigarette users would like to choose high nicotine strength at the beginning. Because the taste of e cigarette is a bit different from traditional cigarette. You may not satisfy by lower nicotine level. When you get used to e-cig and discover a comfortable way for vaping, it’s time to consider that how about cutting down the level of nicotine strength instead of higher level.

This is the next step and changes of your smoking habit are going to start. When you begin to use lower nicotine e liquid, it may take you some time to be accustomed to the taste. Try be more patient for this choice, it is one of the most effective ways to help you get rid of nicotine addiction.

Then the third step is that try to not carry with your e cigarette and leave it at home or some elsewhere. Your body may still crave for nicotine, but it is a smart method for you to be non smoker step by step. It will cost you a couple of months to do attempt to reduce the low level nicotine inhale.

Finally it’s time to go to zero nicotine electronic cigarette. Is it hard to image that some day you will be free from nicotine. Think about the money you saving and health condition, don’t hesitate any more and try to use electronic cigarette to quit smoking now.