If you are new to the vaping world, grasping the knowledge of e-cigarette can prevent you from a bad beginning. There are two basic styles of e-cigs. The older style is a three-part e cigarette with a cartridge, a battery and an atomizer, the newer style is a two-part one with a cartomizer and a battery

E cigarette cartridges


Since 2008 - 2011 cartridges were very popular on the market. It has an opening on the bottom and inside there is a useful tiny wet sponge for vaporization process. The top of atomizer attaches to cartridge.



E cigarette cartomizer
Cartomizer is a single unit that contains a cartridge and an atomizer. Without a threaded end, the cartridge feeds the e juice to atomizer. The atomizer is at the bottom of cartomizer for vaporizing e liquid. The vapor will be inhaled through a center tube.

Cartridge vs Cartomizer
Although the price of cartomizer is higher than disposable cartridge, cartridge is more reliable and larger than cartridge, which can hold more e liquid and reduce the problems that new e-cigarette users will meet. Nowadays most cartridges have been replaced by cartomizers.

Pros of Cartridge:
Cheap price
Easy to change

Cons of Cartridge:
Lack screw-on threading
Liquid leaking
Not enough e-liquid

Pros of cartomizer:
More e liquid to hold
Easy flavor change
Less hassle
Good throat hits

Cons of cartomizer:
Higher prices than cartridge
Take time to fill e juice up with no waste
Cartomizer retains old flavor as long as it can when adding new flavors. Mixed flavors will cause burn tips.
You can not track the amount of e liquid left in the cartomizer.
Strange to new e cigarette users

If you are wondering whether your e cigarette are using cartomizer, the way to recognize them is that screwing threading on the bottom.