If you are a new e smoker, you will find that there are variety types of electronic cigarettes in vaping world. Today we will help you to find the type of e cigarette that suitable for you and how to use them.

Although there are a wide range of brands and suppliers, there are main three types - mini, mid-size and mod. In common language, you can choose from cig-a-like, ego style and modded e cigarette.

Mini E Cigarette

Cig-a-like e cigarette provides a natural way to help new users switching to e cigarette from traditional one. Because it is small and light, providing a feeling of smoking a real e cigarette and enjoying a cleaner vapor. This type is very easy to use. If the battery is charged and catomizer is screwed, you can enjoy vapor now. For users who do want to spend a lot of time on maintenance, cigalike e cigarettes are recommended to you.

The features of Minis E Cigarette
1. Like a real ecigarette
2. Cheap price
3. Disposable and rechargeable formats
4. First choice for light and casual smokers

The Weakness of Minis
1. Short battery life
2. Not suitable for heavy smokers

Mid Size E-Cigarettes
Ego style e cigarettes are very popular among regular users. The reasons are small size and higher vapor production. The mid-size e cigarette is recommended to heavy smokers for its better performance than minis. Totally different from traditional cigarettes and minis, most ego style e cigarettes are operated by pressing buttons for performance control.

The features of mid-size e cigarette
1. High vapor production
2. Recommend by most e smokers 

The weakness of mid-size e cigarette
1. Manual operation
2. Bigger than a real cigarette

APV or Mods
Larger batteries and advanced features are provided for bringing the top vaping experience to all users. But if you are new to e cigarette, the mods seem too big for you and it’s hard to grasp the complex operation. It is suitable for advanced users instead of new users.

The features of mods
1. Superb performance
2. Long battery life
3. Great functions

The weakness of mods
1. High prices
2. Complex manual operation

So now you can choose the right e cigarette for you.