One of the charming parts of electronic cigarette for me today is the DIY thing, namely a rebuildable vapouriser. Eleaf Lemo is such a gear that enables you to build your own coil.

To unbox its pack, a tank-liked clearomizer comes into sight. The drip tip of Eleaf Lemo looks alike a chimney, the length of a drip tip is relatively longer than a regularEleaf Lemo one’s. I think this design is just right for me, cause, a subohm vapor sometimes is way hotter than I can take, but once the vapor transmit through a longer stainless steel drip tip, the temperature of vapor was a little bit cooled down, thus a warm and nice taste an Eleaf Lemo finally delivers. Fantastic! To observe the inside of its drip tip after a certain time of vaping, you will find out water drops are all over on its internal surface.

Disassemble the main body of Eleaf Lemo, the chimney unit is both screwed into the top cap and the base. The size of its chimney is as big as a forefinger. Unlike a BVC or BDC, the coil is based on the bottom, more like a driper. For the large size of the chimney there, you can place the wire in horizontal direction, parallel with the base, I personally treat this structure as a BDC. And it is just right for a dripper orientation. But if you place the wire in vertical direction, a larger volume of vapor you will experience. All depend on your preference. A 5ml capacity is enough for out and about.

The interesting thing is the air flow valve is inside of Eleaf Lemo’s base. Screw off the bottom cap, you will find two arrow direction which represent the maximum volume and minimum volume. In fact, the placement of a air flow valve is less convenient for a routine using. But it makes sense for a easier cleaning. I noticed there are some liquid residue on the bottom, oily liked, after a certain time using. A running water washing can not finish the job completely, in my opinion.

What did Eleaf Lemo do on the anti-leakage aspect? There are two silicone gaskets respectively placed on the top cap and the base, quite a regular method. Meanwhile, the heating coil was embedded on a base which is half made of silicone. The only thumb down part is the e-juice filling hole. It is simple sealed by a stainless steel screw. I’m pretty worried about. For now, I don’t see any leakage happens. I’m happy to find the heating part of Eleaf Lemo is not dirctly connected with the battery or mod. If not so, once a leakage happens, the e-juice will ruin the thread of a battery or mod, even lead a short circuit.

Take a look at its packing which also contains a part of spare accessories:
1xHeating Coil
1xAbsorbent Cotton
4xReplaceable Silicone Mat for Glass Tube
2xReplaceable Silicone Mat for Mouthpiece
1xMini Screw-driver

The voice come from vapers
“The build that comes in the Eleaf lemo is actually good enough.”
“Super impressed with the Elaef Lemo I got yesterday. I never wanted to get into rebuilding mainly because i didnt have the time nor patience for it. But rebuilding on the drop has been super easy. ”

The hybrid features dooms Eleaf Lemo has a well start. For a genuine RBA tank it targets, it still gets a long way to reach. Anyway, if you’d like to try a rebuilding, Eleaf Lemo is not a bad choice, at least a easy handle one!