Vaping is not men’s privilege though masculine looks e-cigarette are prevalent in the market. As a healthy and recreational activity, it is a pity to see the a lack of female elements. But thanks to the battery kit iJust by Eleaf, its release undoubtedly brings some fresh blood to this vape community. Why I call this Eleaf iJust a girly battery? What should a female e-cig feature? I think Eleaf iJust get these all answered.Eleaf iJust

Brilliant out look and weigh control
When I first opened its package, I was just amazed by its slender and glossy appearance. A beautiful out look definitely is the top priority for a female vaper. Eleaf iJust did a great job on it I have to admit. This iJust battery features a stick/pen like shape which makes it more sleek and appealing. The diameter of this battery series ranges from 14mm to 16.5mm so as to reach a good grip feeling for female vapers.

However, a good grip feeling of a Eleaf iJust battery not only depends on a slender shape. I can sure you that female ain’t into iTaste 134 for the hefty weight. I bet Eleaf just did a great work on the battery kit iJust’s weight control. One hand, it did not choose stainless steel which could lead an increasement on weight as its shell material. On the other hand, a build-in cell is a smart move. If this iJust battery goes with a interchangeable cell like a 18350 one, the diameter would be extended and the weight would be lifted largely. I personally grabbed a 650mAh iJust battery and had it weighed, only 33g/1.1oz. Compared with a packet of cigarettes, less than 10g heavier.

Variable voltage and tail LED screen
Believe it or not, this Eleaf iJust is an advanced personal battery which means it comes with an adjustable voltage set. The voltage ranges from 3.3v to 5v. I have vaped at 3.3v, 3.5v, 4v, 4.5v and max 5v with kanger mini protank 3. The temperature of vapor in each voltage increased gradually. I personally thought the flavor and temperature of its vapor are right at 4v. You can adjust the voltage by rotating the bezel on the side of Eleaf iJust’s main body. The pro part of the bezel is the turning damping is a little bit hard for an one hand operation.

The most outstanding part must be the tail LED screen. And the screen is finished with a mirror effect. You won’t tell until a display happens. The screen of Eleaf iJust simply displays its battery level,voltage and vape time. The maximum vape time is 10 seconds which is set to protect the coil. Once your puff time is beyond this default 10 seconds, the battery will be shut down itself with a light purple indicator flashes inside the fire button. Another excitement of Eleaf iJust is the pass-through function. Plug it to your PC or laptop through USB cable, you can continue your vaping when the power runs out.

All in all, if you are a female vaper newbie, try this iJust battery out. It powers up most regular tanks well. The overall look and feel won’t fail you. In other words, it is superior in this price.