Good news have been spread in the vape community about the release of new Eleaf iStick, including iStick 10w, iStick 30w, iStick 50w. I’m not going to compare Eleaf iStick with iTaste MVP mod for the latter one loses its shining parts when facing such a powerful mod series. You may be surprised that I wrote such words here cause I’m always take a fair look at all vapourisers. But just for this time, let me indulge myself. I cannot stop loving Eleaf iStick mods.Eleaf iStick

Things are becoming little hard, for a series of Eleaf iStick mods, there are load to write, I cannot present all detailed info to you for a reference, but I will snatch the most outstanding parts and difference to describe in and out.

3 physical buttons indicate simplicity
We call an array of devices as a series, that not only for similar names they have, but also the common features they possess. I’d rather call them the "heritage". The most outstanding “heritage” which Eleaf iStick series carries is the 3 physical buttons, namely the fire button, up arrow key and down arrow key. The operation of Eleaf iStick are all finished through these 3 physical buttons, all owes to its compatibility wit board, which makes all processes simply. And all Eleaf iStick comes with a Variable Voltage mode, you just adjust the voltage you prefer, and the compatibility wit board will calculate a certain wattage automatically that fits well to the atomizer or cartomizer you placed. By the way, it has a ohm meter function which can detect the resistance of your tank. All above indicate a simple inhaling experience it brings.

OLED screen embedded in a highly compact sized body
This is another “heritage” it inherits. An OLED screen is a no big deal thing today, but if you notice the 10W Eleaf iStick also gets a one in a highly compact sized mod body which is 32mm in length, 20.5mm in width and 52mm in height, that will shock you totally. I mean, imagine anipod sized box packs a 18350 battery, a compatibility wit board, an OLED screen and an ego thread, what can you ask for more?

Sub Ohm supporting
I have seen straight improvements on Eleaf iStick 30w and iStick 50w. A sub ohm supporting is among the improvements. iStick 30w version supports a minimum resistance of 0.4 ohm, iStick 50w version supports a dramatically range from 0.2ohm to 5ohm. What a wow! I mean, no matter a regular tank like BDC or BVC, or subohm tank like Aspire Atlantis even your own rebuild tank can come through with these high wattage version of Eleaf iStick. Besides, quite a lot of safety protection were introduced, like temperature alarm function. A 70 degrees Fahrenheit working condition will reduce the life span of a vapouriser largely, so once it happens, the board will shut down the device automatically. Meanwhile, if you press the fire button for a bit long time, the screen will displays the time count. With this timer, you can easily catch the best inhaling time you prefer. In addition, low voltage protection, short-circuit protection, low power protection, etc are also included.

Spring-loaded stainless steel thread
The thread of 20w Eleaf iStick has a negative reputation I have to admit, it leaded a wrong resistance detecting after a long time using. This is also the part failed a certain group of vapers. Now I’m more happy to announce a brand new designed spring-loaded thread which is made of stainless steel is adopted on the 30w and 50w iStick. A stainless steel means a durable using experience it brings, and the spring make an effective adaptability than ever.

As advanced personal mods, a constant and accurate power support matters. So far, Eleaf iStick are doing a nice job. And quite a lot of guys in vape community aslo get that confidence in this series of iStick mods which revealed in their feedback. Eleaf iStick has become the only one series mods integrated outstanding performance with a full set of compact sizes ranges from 32mm to 83mm in length to date, are also the necessary ones among vapers’ gear collection.