Everyone knows that cigarette smoking posts a great threat to body health. It rises chances of cancer or other diseases and many people die from them every year. But for most heavy smokers it is really hard to quit smoking. Electronic Cigarette is considered as a health alternative of tobacco smoking. It is an electric device that can produce vapor by heating up liquid.

Now the question: Is e cigarette safe?
E cigarette causes a debate between supporters and opponents. Someone said that electric cigarette is more healthier than traditional cigarette. Because it releases no smell and no second hand smoke. But someone said that more and more youngsters or nonsmokers will be addictive to nicotine by using e cigarette, which will lead them to smoke tobacco cigarette.

Let’s compare e cigarette with traditional cigarette

Tobacco cigarette can release tar and a lot of harmful chemicals while e-cig has no smoke, no carbon monoxide and other toxic components. E smoking cause less harm than burning tobacco leaves.

Electric cigarette can also help you quit smoking. The procedure starts like this. There are a range of nicotine strengths available for you to choose. At the beginning you choose the strength equal to the regular cigarette you smoke. When you get used to e cigarette and its strength, you can try to choose lower level of nicotine. The best result is that you choose zero strength and get rid of nicotine addictive while still can enjoy vaping habit.

Electric Cigarettes still have some health risks.
Although e-cig is tobacco-free, the liquid inside the cartridge contains nicotine. Nicotine inhalation has bad effects on child’s brain and some flavors such as chocolate or candy are attractive to teenagers. Nicotine is also high addictive. It will be a painful and annoying experience to get rid of nicotine inhaling habit.

What you should know?
If you want to give up smoking, you can try nicotine alternative therapy or e cigarette. E cigarette is considered as a more effective way to quit smoking.
If you do not want to stop smoking, e-cig may be more healthier than traditional cigarette.