Heaven Gifts is very proud to announce its membership with SEVIA (Shenzhen Electronic Vaporizers Industry Association) USA in a common effort with some ecig manufactures such as: Joyetech, Kangertech, Aspire, Innokin Technology, SMOK, SENSE and iJoy Technology to fight the upcoming FDA regulations for a fairer vaping future!

SEVIA USA is a movement founded by a collection of Chinese ecig manufacturers along with Chairman Dimitris Agrafiotis and Executive Assistant Phil Busardo, a popular Youtube reviewer. The organization aims to assists advocacy and litigation groups to save vaping as we know it.

These unreasonable policies for the e-cigarette industry will result in millions of people going back to smoking, having a direct negative impact on the public’s health. It will also impact on vape shop owners and distributors which will directly affect people’s livelihoods, all factors the FDA do not seem to care about.

Heaven Gifts, as the largest international e-cig distributors, is fully committed to continue supplying our USA clients (both wholesalers and retail clients) and will support them however we can.