If you have started vaping for a period, you may have a collection of e cigarette parts and accessories such as automatic or manual batteries, e juice bottles and blank cartomizers.

When you lay your e-cigarette supplies on table, you will realize that there are too many things that need to be stored and organized. If you don’t put these things in order, you will hurt hard for a flavor or a charger when you want to re smoke. And for your kids and pets, you also want to keep them far away from nicotine. So the question is: how to organize your electronic cigarettes?Organize E Cigarettes

Short-term storage
When refer to short-term storage, you can purchase a carrying case for protection of your e cigarette from broken. Also, for e-cig supplies, we recommend you to keep one extra battery, cartomizer or clearomizer at least. Make sure that your vaping process will not be stopped by die battery or empty cartomizer or clearomizer.

Long-term storage
Long-term storage is very important to vapers who already have piles of electronic cigarette supplies. If you buy boxes of e liquid, batteries or more, make sure that all e-cig supplies should not be exposed to light, moisture, heat and extreme cold temperature. The safe way to store the bulk things is to use a container or box and keep it in a cool, dark and dry area.
Here are some popular storage tools:


  • Fishermen’s tackle box
  • Toolbox
  • Tupperware box
  • Art supply box
  • Plano storage box
  • Plastic container found on supermarket
  • Cosmetic organizer

Once you find the suitable container to store your e cigarette supplies, how to organize it?



  • Charged batteries
  • Wall chargers
  • USB chargers
  • Charger case
  • Carrying case
  • Boxes of flavors
  • Blank cartomizer
  • Used cartomizer
  • E-cigarettes (more than one)
  • Cleaning tools

Traveling with electronic cigarette
It’s easy to pack e-cig products because most of them are small and light. All the things you need to do are choosing a storage case and pack them safely.