After our research, we gain the following method to fix the clogged tank atomizers:

After you get your brand new atomizer, don't forget to blow the primer e-liquid out completely before you use:

a. Blow out the e-liquid from the atomizer with slightly high pressure air.
b. Rinse the atomizer with distilled water serveral times, shake out well, then blow out with compressed air to make it dry.
c. Load a full battery and a new cartridge, try again.

If you want to store the atomizer and use it later, we suggest you blowing the primer e-liquid out first, or sometimes the e-liquid dust will coagulate and stick to the atomizers. If your atomizers have been blogged by it, some extra work is necessary to get it smooth:

A. Use a clip or needle, bend one end like the following picture.

B. Try to find the venting hole of the tank atomizer, insert the "special clip" into the venting hole of the atomizer, rotate the clip to eliminate the clogged e-liquid. Joye 510-T atomizer can be seen clearly, Joye eGo-T atomizer share the same connector.

C.  Block the certer hole of the connector with your finger and try to blow as hard as possible.

According to our test, it can fix nearly most of the blocked atomizers, it'll be worth every minute you try it.

If you have any useful tips, we would be grateful if you could share with us! Feel free to contact us.