If you plan to buy your first rebuildable atomizer, you will find there are a wide selections of these e cigarette devices. It is hard for you to make decision. This article will focus on the introduction about RDA and RBA.

RDA (rebuildable dripping atomizer) - With no tank to hold e juice, you need to drip e liquid on the wick. You can replace wick or coil easily and tune ohm output. However, the wick or coil can not hold a lot of e liquid and you need to refill liquid frequently.

RBA (rebuildable atomizer) - RBA has a tank to hold e juice and you don’t need to refill e liquid more often than RDA. But it is not easier to change wick or coil as rebuildable atomizer.

Nowadays more and more e-cig users tend to choose RDA and RBA for higher vapor production and better taste. Some of e smokers may wonder a rebuildable dripping atomizer with no tank really works? Since you can drip e juice straightly on the wick, RDA is an easy electronic cigarette setup. With a tank to hold extra e juice, RBA allows you to vape in longer time before refill it.

Rebuildable atomizer safety
Although vaping experience can be customized by using rebuildable atomizer, you have to create coils and do an electronic circuit. Sometimes battery overload and e cigarette explosions will occur because of dealing with wattage, voltage and resistant improperly. So safety is the most important thing for all e-cig users and you should learn as much as you can before DIY.

The basic knowledge about rebuildable atomizer:
Generally the batteries to power RDA and RBA are 18XXX series of batteries. The number of 18 means battery width and the length is the second two numbers. It’s very important to know your battery’s capacity and whether the limits are huge.

The heating coil is made of Kanthal A-1 resistance wire, which allows electrical conductivity at hot temperature. Wire thickness determine its resistance, which means the larger gauge number of round wire, the wire is thinner and the more resistance, while the larger gauge number of flat wire, the wire is thicker and the less resistance.

Ohm reader:
Screw rebuildable atomizer onto a box with digital display known as ohm reader before do anything things to your wicks and coils. If nothing displays, you have to check the atomizer.