Apart from the advanced personal mods, what else can we choose from? Some of you recently did ask me similar questions, and I found they have a common demand, that is toughness and simplicity. So I’m here to refer to Smok magneto. I cannot resist to think of it when the description words relate to simplicity and toughness. To know this Smok magneto, a few definitions you should get to understand.SMOK Magneto

Unregulated & Mechanical MOD
Exactly, Smok magneto is such a unregulated mechanical mod. A unregulated one means the output power is decided by the power of its battery directly. For instance,  a 18350 battery can reach 3.7voltage, so the maximal voltage of Smok magneto is 3.7v. Mechanical refers to the fire button contacts its battery directly without an on/off switch. These two constitute the simplicity of Smok magneto.

Ingenious Magnetic Fire Button
The selling point of Smok magneto must be its fire button, just as its name implies. So what is a magnetic button? The button is structured with two magnet inside, with like poles facing to each other. According to the law of magnets, like poles repel.That’s where the resistance comes.

From my real world user experience, the push or press I give on a Smok magneto is relatively smoother than on a spring loaded button. The ingenious part of this button is I once placed it upright on my desk with my Eleaf Lemo which was fulfilled with e-juice. And it was not fired!! For a simple mechanical mod, it loses the 10 seconds cut off function. The safety of misfire is important. With such high pressure, it was not fired actually. That’s a pretty relief. I think Smoktech must have considered this point and adjusted the resistance of the magnets. Another point is about the resistance of the fire button. I mean the ohm law it follows. For a spring loaded button, it has a certain resistance actually. Thus it costs the battery power more or less. But for a magnetic button, this phenomenon won’t happen. In this way, it largely prolongs the lifespan of a battery.

Safety Lock Ring & Telescopic Tube
Until I found this ring, I was worried about the fire safety of Smok magneto even though the resistance of the fire button is strong. Simply screw down the ring in clockwise direction, the button gets locked. Then I tried to push the button, no matter how hard it is, the button won’t moved at all. I finally let my “guards” down. Another feature I want to highlight is the telescopic tube. I personally think this is the original  Variable Voltage mode. The pipe is consist of two tubes, namely main tube and secondary tube. To handle a 18650 battery, simply screw out the secondary tube to reach the length a battery demands. A perfect way to fit the a 18500 or 18650 battery well with the tube is to screw on the top cab first, then screw in the secondary tube so as to adjust the length.

Air Inlet Grooves
On the top cap of Smok magneto there go irregular grooves. I thought it was for decorative. It appear for a better heat dissipation. Cause this 510 thread is not a spring loaded one, for a long time using, may lead a weak contact. In case of the extra heat caused by a weak contact, so these air inlet grooves are introduced.

From a common vaper’s point of view, Smok magneto definitely is a tough and simple mechanical mod with aesthetic look to meet a routine vaping.