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China Spring Festival holiday will start soon(Jan 29-Feb 8), before we leave, we run a sales for you to stock up in advance. After we leave, we also have a smaller sales to make up for the long shipping delay, check below:

11:45AM, Jan 16-11:45AM, Jan 26: 15% off for most products!
11:46AM,Jan 26-11:45AM, Feb 4:   10% off for most products!

11:46AM,Feb 4 -11:45AM, Feb 12:  5% off for most products!

Our Holiday Time is Jan 29-Feb 8, check
China Spring Festival holiday Schedule. The time is China Time.

No coupon code is required, just login, put your items into shopping cart, you will join sales! Whilst this sale is on, all member discount, bulk discount, coupon discount, clearance discount are still enabled!

We will cancel unpaid orders before and after the sales. Please arrange payment as soon as possible. Thanks.

Hope this information is ample for you to arrange your order. We apologize for the delay and inconvenience.

FAQ: How to see whether I receive X% off discount?

1. In product page, above the description, you can see the ongoing sales name: X% off.
2. When you put items into your shopping cart, the total goods cost is turned to X% off directly. You can compare with the original price to get confirmed.

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