Some vapers think that the huger vapor clouds the better. However running a cloud chasing build is risky, especially for inexperienced e cigarette users.

Given that you push the limit of batteries and the power exceed its capacity, which may cause the device overheat and even explode. So if you don’t know what you do, tampering with e-cig setup in order to blow enormous clouds of vapor can cause damage to vaping movement.

We advise that even experienced vapers who know e cigarette setup very well should be cautious about sub-ohm vaping process. This process is dangerous and no worth taking risks. So how can you enjoy a safe and bigger vapor? Below are some tips for you to increase vapor output safely.

High VG
E-cig users can DIY their own e-juice with high VG if they want to get big vapor clouds. VG stands for vegetable glycerin. When PG can bring stronger throat hit, VG can hold moisture from air better than PG and produce more vapor. So you can get huge vapor clouds by adding more VG. However e juice will be not strong enough while diluted in VG, you have to choose between a stronger flavor and a huger vapor.

Direct pulling
“Direct pulling” means that inhale vaporized nicotine directly from mouthpiece in the meaning time breathing into your lung, which allows huger vapor for you to inhale and exhale. But strong nicotine level of e liquid can cause burn taste if you try direct pull e cigarette. 0.6%-1.2% nicotine level is suitable for you to pull as much vapor as you can.

Low ohm coils
A heating coil with lower ohm has less hot resistant, meaning it can become hot quickly. This allow you to burn e liquid quickly and enjoy massive vapor clouds.

There is no perfect vaping experience. Whether you require a bigger vapor or a stronger flavor e cigarette, heavengifts will offer all of e-cig supplies.