When you go shopping for e cigarette batteries, you may notice the term: “mAh” and wonder the meaning of it. E-cigarette battery

What is battery “mAh”?
“mAh”(milliampere-hour) represents the battery’s total charge capacity. It is a standard unit of how much electrical power that an e-cig battery can deliver at one time.
1,000 millamperes = 1 amp
A battery with capacity rated at 1000mAh can deliver one amp of electrical power. After about one hour it will be exhausted.

How “mAh” affects your battery?
If you want to calculate how long your battery will last and how many puffs you will take, you should know the mAh rating and the amount of amps. Use Ohm’s Law Calculator to calculate the numbers of amps been drawn if using a battery with different voltage or attachments that have different resistances. For example, if an e cigarette with an 2.5 ohm atomizer and 3.7 volt battery - will be drawing 1.48amps per hour when you use electronic cigarette.

Battery life calculator
Battery life calculating means that you need to find out how long your e-cig will last in hours powered by a particular battery. You can use a battery life calculator online for entering the capacity rating of battery and consumption of device. Then click “calculate” and you will get to know the value of your battery life in hours. Multiply this value by 3600 - the number of seconds in an hour and you will know the seconds of your electronic cigarette can create puffs before it drains out.

The total puffs of your e cigarette
Given that your average puff is three seconds, divide the result from battery life calculator by three and you can estimate how many puffs you can take before your battery need to be charged.