Actual operation of a vaping device is always the vapers’ concern, and is also the key point decides whether it is success or not. This time, we won’t simply judge Joyetech egrip from its user experience. Does this imply a failure? Aha, the answer is way far from what’s in your minds. If any comment is needed, we suppose egrip is a bold attempt by Joyetech.

Joyetech eGrip

The Unboxing of Joyetech eGrip
The packaging of egrip is about a standard cardboard box large. Inside laid the device, a screw driver liked tool, a wall charger, a USB cable and a spare eGrip CS Coil. Quite pithy really!

The design of egip’s appearance
Slightly grab this device, a wow comes to our minds directly. This tiny gear gotta its heft. The bold attempt we called above is its all-in-one body. A 46.4mm width and 20.4mm thick with a height of 99.5mm size does contain a 18650 battery and a 3.6ml e-juice capacity. Don’t you guy believe this out of blue design? What’s more, airflow controller, variable wattage output, bottom coil structure, pyrex glass tank, all major functions do not loss for this compact size.

Tips for vape operating
1. Juice Filling. There is a lid on the side of this Joyetech egrip, actually it’s for tank sealing. Gently lift the lid, two holes present to you, choose the larger one, fill the tank with a eyedropper. Noted that, make sure the flap catch and snap into the certain place. You don’t want to a leakage thing happen, right?

2. Coil changing. Joyetech did a subtle design of the coil placing. The screw-liked coil base was placed straightly into the body from the bottom, which ensures the juice contact the coil thoroughly, and maximize the juice capacity in a limited space. To ease the coil changing process, the circular base cap is engraved with a slotted indention for the edge of a coin, or a large flat head screwdriver. What a effective solution!

3. VW mode. Joyetech chooses VW as its operation mode eventually. For such a tiny device, with VW mode, a great steathy vape option for a vacation, business trip, camping, etc. Spin that o ring, you can easily find your preferred wattage type.

Surprise keep continuing
What amazes us is Joyetech does not stop its innovative steps for egrip. An eGrip RBA base was introduced successively. Hate ceramic wick, or fiberglass cotton? Now a Japanese organic cotton is available with this base. Still unsatisfied? Build it yourself! A up to 20 wattage won’t fail you anyway.

What’s left there? The tastes it makes wait for you to find out!