10ml Dekang PG+VG E-Juice E-Liquid with 59 Flavors

Product Introduction

10ml Dekang e-liquids, PG based!


Manufacture date: After Mar 1, 2017
Shelf life: 2 years


10ml Dekang PG E-Juice E-Liquid with 59 flavors


Available strength

Xhigh  24mg/ml
High   18mg/ml

PG/VG: 7/3


The kit comes with

  • 1 X 10ml Dekang PG heavengifts e-liquids

1.All our Dekang heavengifts e-liquids are produced by Dekang / Boge.


2. It's with child-proof cap.


10ml Dekang PG E-Juice E-Liquid with 59 flavors

1. Available strength
Xhigh  24mg/ml
High   18mg/ml

2.There is a little VG in Dekang PG e-liquids. PG/VG: 7/3

3.10ml PG e-liquids are the best choice for customers who want to try new PG e-liquids flavors. If you know what flavor you prefer, you can choose 30ml Dekang PG e-juice e-liquid with 53 flavors.

4. Remember to give your e-liquids a good shake before you use them!

5. Heaven Gifts kindly suggest you choosing less e-liquid if it is not so safe to import e-liquid in your country. Check Customs & Tax Issues.

6. You can download certificates: Tobacco MSDS and Menthol MSDS.