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HG PG+VG e-Juice with Many Flavors 150ml
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HG PG+VG e-Juice with Many Flavors 150ml

150ml HG e-juice / e-liquid (PG based) with multiple distinct flavor options. Totally different from HG e-juice and e-liquid! Free to get a 5ml injector!

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Attention: HG e-liquid production date is after Mar 1, 2017! The Shelf life is 1.5 years since the production date. Updated on July 18th, 2017.
Attention: The main ingredients of e-liquid, PG and VG, especially VG, are very easy to get carbonized in extremely heated circumstances.

Brief introduction


HG branded heavengifts e-liquds in 150ml size! Free to get a 5ml injector!

150ml HG PG+VG E-Juice E-Liquid with Many Dinstinct Flavors! + 5ml Injector

Manufacture date: After Mar 1, 2017
Shelf life: 1.5 years

150ml HG PG+VG E-Juice E-Liquid with Many Dinstinct Flavors! + 5ml Injector

Order Tips

1. Available strength:36mg/ml, 18mg/ml, 11mg/ml, 6mg/ml, 0mg/ml

2. There is a little VG in HG PG e-juice e-liquids. HG e-Juice flavors have different PG/VG ratios, from 6/4 to 8/2.

3. HG e-juice e-liquid are about 3 times stronger than most brands of e-juice e-liquid. You can choose HG BASE e-juice to thin it.

4. Heaven Gifts kindly suggest you choosing less e-liquid if it is not so safe to import e-liquid in your country. Check Customs & Tax Issues..

150ml HG PG+VG E-Juice E-Liquid with Many Dinstinct Flavors! + 5ml Injector
Including:150ml HG PG e-juice e-liquid with many distinct flavors!
1 bottle
5ml Injector1 pcFeatures

1. HG heavengifts e-liquids are not 'DIY' heavengifts e-liquids. All HG heavengifts e-liquids are high-quality heavengifts e-liquids made by a professional manufacturer.

2. HG heavengifts e-liquids are strong enough in flavor to provide distinct tastes.

3. Ingredients are printed on the label and box.


4. 150ml comes with childproof caps, but there isn't dropper inside. It is sealed by aluminized paper, so it can prevent from leakage.


We are listening to customers' feedbacks about HG heavengifts e-liquids and will continue improving the flavors of HG e-juice e-liquid.


We collected some HG e-liquid review from 10ml HG heavengifts e-liquid page and Guestbook for your reference, check below:

radioman: The e-juice smells slightly sweet and reminds me of purple plumb flavor. When vaped it has that flavor but not too sweet and not overwhelming. I can also taste underlying flavor of slightly burned earthy taste which complements the main flavor making this juice all round well balanced. This juice is more complex, I only described what I feel is the strongest part of it for me. Nice all day vape I don't get sick off.


anonymous: I just recently purchased the Bailey's flavor and it is really good. Has almost the exact flavor of Bailey's liquor.

cyw: Can't believe it, my sixth order already. Perhaps I am vaping too much. Anyway, the shipping is just as fast as the first order, keep up with the good work. I have tried the Dekang banana before and it was not impressive. The HG sample is stronger with a much better aroma. Kind of reminds me of banana candy rather than a real banana. Not my favorite but it has got potential. Your HG Roasted Coffee is excellent, very pleasant aroma. I mixed it with HG caramel 50/50 and it tastes better than the real coffee I make. Well done!

ruthmary: Caramel is Fantastic! It's perfect to fix a flavor that you don't like, but for vape it alone it's incredible. It's sweet, it's strong, it's delicious!

a.c.:Roasted coffee is great, it feels like you're smoking and really drinking coffee at once. Very nice indeed. Chocolate is really good. It's not that strong dark chocolate flavor you would probably expect, it´s a soft chocolate. It has a good vapor production too. I really liked it =)

djchriz: Another package arrived today, amazingly quick shipping time to Canada even for the holiday season! Revived my sample of HG Cherry, again another amazing juice from you guys a sour sweet cherry taste very yummy! Just wish you offered a higher nicotine level for samples 11mg isent strong enough for me =( Already ordered Burgundy Wine cant wait to try it! Thanks for you constant excellent service.

anonymous: Having also tried the DK Cuba, I found that the HG Cigar to be very pleasant in comparison, both are great on their own. - Try combining the 2 flavors, Also HG Cigar and DK Kant creates a very unique flavor which is akin to some of the sweeter flavored cigars available. - I have not tried it yet, but I imagine that HK Cigar & Cream could possibly work very well together also.

Taste like a red hot candy. It's pretty good every now and then but I can't vape it as a daily. If you like red hots you will love this.
cinnamon flavoured liquid has a strng and good taste .buy it without fear it taste like real cinnamon and have a strong cinnamon taste.

anonymous: It liked the taste of sampler “Chunghwa”. The taste is not tenacious.The smell is like incense.I want you to commercialize it by all means

anonymous: I received my gift sample of coconut juice and love the taste and am putting near the top of my flavour list. As it is 11mg strength, I mixed it up with some 'no flavour' 36mg in order to get the throat hit. I use the application [ ejuicemeup ] to get the proper mix for 18mg.

Flue Cured tobacco
anonymous: The HG flue cured tbc has a subtle hint of clove, but not clove, which gives a kind of UK flue curd tobacco style

Fruit Candy
weakage66:This is a very sweet and thick flavor. Taste is a bit like bubble gum the kind that came with a comic inside the wrapper. I mix it 50/50 with straight VG juice. Taste good and last a good while. Thanks HG for the fast shipping!

Green M.boro
arsan2011: GREEN MARLBOROa mi en lo personal no me gustan los sabores a tabaco pero este me sorprendio tiene un sutil sabor a menta y el sabor a tabaco no es fuerte ojala que pronto lo saquen a la venta.

Green Tea
dmccormick: Green Tea HG juice actually tastes EXACTLY like Kochakaden Royal Milk Tea from Japan! It is super delicious! I mixed 3ml of 0mg with 1ml 60mg mixer and 1.5ml VG for a superb taste
anonymous: Hello! My order just arrived, and first I did, I tried the new e-liquid - HG Green Tea. Here is my feedback. The juice has real smell and taste of green tea! This is my usual drink during all day, but I could not imagine that it's possible to vape it. I tried the liquid using dripping method, and at the first blush it is tasty and very refreshing. This juice is sure promising.

teilke: I like the liquid soooooooo much, it isn't like any liquid I had before, the liquids of HG are full of flavor, and the flavor is stronger than any other brand. I'm cigarette free for almost 4 months now, and enjoying it, with your e-liquid more than tobacco. For me, only HG liquids, I don't like any others. Thank you so much for constantly creating the same taste ! Kind regards.

anonymous:Got the free sample of HG Lemon E-Juice a few weeks ago - we love it! Please make it more widely available. I'm ready to switch from Chocolate to Lemon. Thanks for your great service.

anonymous: I received my third order and as usual, very quickly. You have got to be one of the best internet mail order service around. Thanks for the litchi sample, it is very refreshing. As a big litchi fan myself (but only about one month a year the litchi fruit is available in Australia), I can't stop vaping it. Definitely one you should put on your production list.

arsan2011: Junto con el sabor fresa creo que encontre mis sabores favoritos, y este es el sabor kiwi muy bueno deja un agradable sabor despues de vapear, la verdad es que muy recomendable.

donn1269:The best tasting ejuice! I wanna order more of it.

anonymous: Indeed a very strong flavor. It can be diluted in proportion 3:1 with VG or PG.The flavor remains strong!

abraxis669: I have been vaping since April 2011 and have tried hundreds of juices from MANY vendors and I would have to say that HG Menthol is an absolute FAVORITE of mine. This menthol is not minty and not bland. It is a very accurate & true menthol. But it's not a one-tone flavor. This menthol is of great quality & consistancy. This flavor is all day vapable and far from boring. I would highly recommend this to new and experienced vapers, simply because I find it closest to an actual cig taste only a million times better. If you are in the market for a true menthol that doesn't lack in taste then HG menthol is my recommendation for you.

MLB Virginia
radioman: I'm very impressed with this E-juice. The Virginia flavor leaves a tingle in your throat for few secs like the real thing and compliments the throat hit well. Very nice rich vape. I can't remember exactly what MLB tastes like but it also reminds me of the French Gitanes a lot which have this particular Virginia taste. Vaped nothing but this for a week till empty :-) Well done HG!

Pina Colada
weakage66: I got Pina Colada 11mg it has a really sweet flavor. Can't say it taste like a Pina Colada but it is delicious. Although it is thick and should probably be mixed but does go a long way. I mix 2-3 drops of HG Pina Colada with 2-3 drops of DeKang Watermelon (PG) or Turkish Blended (VG) 18mg and a couple drops of VG base. This has been my daily vape for a few weeks now. Can't go wrong if you like sweet flavors.

R Bull
nebgee: The RBULL is my favorite vape of all times, the HG RBULL is the best on the planet, strong flavour, wonderful throat hit and superb after taste, you will not be dissapointed with this juice. 10 out of 10.

Roasted Coffee
heretic: I ordered Roasted Coffee out of curiosity, and I was blown off my @$$... Flavor of black coffee melted on my tongue and filled my mouth. Taste of coffee smoke is thing of personal choice, but no one can deny that HG juices deliver extreme flavors. I may not feel like smoking coffee everyday but after this I must order other flavors because this is uncompromising! Cant wait for next order to arrive.
seedynut: I really like to mix baileys with roasted coffee to vape on my way to work. It goes very well with a real cup of coffee. Now all I need is some sweet potato flavoring so I can have the taste of sweet potato pie to go along with my roasted coffee and baileys.

kfasano: I loved the "Rum" flavour free sample. It's great by itself or mixed with the C Cola! Is there any chance you'll have it available to buy soon? Tks

anonymous: Enjoying the free Strawberry sample .... Thanks. Hope you will be stocking it for sale soon. Straight to the top of my favorite list alongside RedBull and FruitCandy.

snap6cat: Just tried the vanilla. I think it is good esp to add to other flavors. Very rich flavor.

colettehodgson: HG Watermelon sample tastes really nice, perfect morning vape....... Please stock this and strawberry as soon as you can. :)

ante007: Flavors are strong and very similar to the drinks, my wife says that she feels like she is in the pub :)

Zing: Thanks for the sample of yoghurt e-juice. It will make a great dessert juice for the end of the day after supper. It is sweet and milky....I like it.

150ml HG PG+VG E-Juice E-Liquid with Many Dinstinct Flavors! + 5ml Injector



childproof plastic bottle


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