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ATOM Viper Subxero Kit 1100mAh

ATOM Viper Subxero Kit 1100mAh

ATOM Viper Subxero Kit with 1.5ml Venom tank-1100mAh contains an 1100mAh sub-ohm battery with a patented SUBXERO OCX-110 chip-set which results in massive vapor production and allows you to use the device while the battery is on charge!

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ATOM Viper Subxero Kit - 1100 mAh

Product Introduction

ATOM Viper Subxero Kit - 1100mAh contains an 1100mAh sub-ohm battery with a patented SUBXERO OCX-110 chip-set.

This new and advanced chip-set allows the battery to direct more power straight into the atomizer, resulting in massive vapor production.
A key feature on the battery is the pass-through charging which lets you use the device while the battery is on charge.


Battery capacity: 1100mAh

Battery size (length and diameter):  116mm *14mm

Atomzier's capacity: 1.6ml

Atomizer's size (length and diameter): 61mm *14mm

The kit comes with

  • 1 x Viper Sub Ohm 1100mAh Pass-Through Battery
  • 1 x Venom Sub Ohm Nano Tank
  • 1 x Stainless Steel Wide Bore Drip Tip
  • 1 x SnakeBite 0.5Ω Coil
  • 1 x SnakeBite 1.2Ω Coil
  • 1 x Pyrex Glass Casing
  • 1 x Micro USB Charger
  • 1 x Beauty Ring
  • 1 x Microfiber Cleaning Cloth
  • 3 x Vinyl Waterproof Snake SkinZ
  • 2 x User Manual

Simple packing. Customary Packing from the factory, the packing is subject to change without notice.


1. This kit includes a Venom Nano Tank with SnakeBite coils that have ThrottleTek variable liquid flow technology,
letting users control the amount of liquid seeping on to the heating element.

2. The kit includes a set of 3 Snake SkinZ that can be applied straight to the battery and removed to apply new SkinZ when needed.

3. Short circuit protection,atomizer protection, low voltage protection, resistance examination and battery display function

4.Use the device while the battery is on charge

5. powerful sub ohm capabilities allow it to fire all types of tanks seamlessly

ATOM Viper Subxero Kit - 1100 mAh

Power on and off: press the button for 5 times in quick succession, the button light will flash 5 times to indicate ATOM Viper Subxero Kit is already for use. In the same way, ATOM Viper Subxero will be powered off after 5 presses.

ATOM Viper Subxero Kit - 1100 mAh

Vaping: press the button and inhale or vape.

Charging: simply charge ATOM Viper Subxero by connecting it with a computer or a wall adapter via USB cable. When it's fully charged, the button light will go out.

Over Charge Protection: System auto shutdown if charged beyond 4.25V.

E-juice filling: separate the atomizer from the battery and inject the liquid directly into the cambered slot.

ATOM Viper Subxero Kit - 1100 mAh

Atomizer head replacement: unscrew the atomizer cone, the atomizer head is located on the base. Just unscrew it and replace and clean. (note: please do not wash the atomizer head with water. Simply scrub it with alcohol cotton or clean with dry cloth.)

Battery display function: the light will flash slowly or stay lit when battery level is high, on the contrary, the light flashes in frequency.

Battery quantity     Light condition
60% - 100%            Stay lit
30% - 59%             Slowly flashes
10% - 29%             Moderately flashes
0 - 9%                   Flashes in frequency
The battery light flashes red when charging or connecting with USB, and goes out in 5 seconds when it is fully charged.

ATOM Viper Subxero Kit - 1100 mAh

It doesn't come with e-liquids. You shall buy separately.

Please check Guarantee Policy

Guarantee period: 3 months for batteries, no warranty for the rest spare parts.

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