CosyInSofa C1 Plus Inflatable Lounger

Product Introduction

CosyInSofa C1 Plus Inflatable Lounger is more comfortable, portable and convenient! When you need a little time to rejuvenate yourself, you can sit, nap or travel with it. With three pockets, you can put your phone or small items into it. No air pump is need.

Material is waterproof, so it can be used on the water;
Rubber sealing strip, pure PC material and the best PE film pocket;
Long lasting after inflated - 6 hours, not 2 hours items in the market.


Size: 270 cm (L)x 70 cm (W)
Weight : 1180 g
Max Load: 200 KG
Material: external Nylon cloth and internal PVC
Packaging dimensions: 10 cm x 10 cm x 20 cm

CosyInSofa C1 Plus Inflatable Lounger - Camouflage

It comes with

  • 1 x CosyInSofa Inflatable Couch
  • 1 x Carrying bag
  • 1 x CosyInSofa inflatable Manual

Simple packing. Customary packing from the factory, the packing is subject to change without notice.

Convenient Design: There are 3 pockets on different sides of the Inflatable Lounger, makes it more convenient to place small items. You could put your phone and tablet in the left two pockets, on the right pocket, you could put your power bank or bottle.

Portable Design: The biggest advantage of this product is portable design. It is only 1.2KG, Lighter than all the same size Inflatable Lounger in the market, the light weight makes it easier to inflate than others. You can also put it in the handy storage bag (with adjustable shoulder strap) and take it anywhere you like. Using the lightweight and durable, flame retardant, dirt and water repellent material ,It makes the sofa very easy to clean and can be used on most surfaces.

Easy To Use: NO AIR PUMP NEEDED. Very easy to inflate ,and deflates in just seconds for quick packing. Only 15 x 8 x 4 when stored & Inflates up to 7 feet long, over 3 feet wide & 2 feet tall. It can bear 330-440lb, that means 2-3 people sit on it at the same time.

Use Place : Best tool when go to the beach, Lake, Mountains, Hiking, Camping, Parks, Music Festivals, Backyard & many more places. As it is light, space saving , it will be your better tool rather than couch or sleeping bag .

Environmental design: Stuff with air, made by external Imitate Nylon cloth and internal PVC , this material is breathable ,It help you feel more comfortable after sit or lying on it. Making the darn thing feel like a non-swaying hammock.

CosyInSofa C1 Plus Inflatable Lounger - Camouflage

CosyInSofa C1 Plus Inflatable Lounger - Camouflage

1. Open one mouth in a few, run a few steps, rotate and close the mouth, repeat the previous steps, rapid roll up mouths&plug in plastic end plugs.

2. Attention: when inflating, do not run downwind, because the bag is longer for stumble;

After inflating, do not jump on it, instantaneous pressure will seriously affect use life;

Keep it away from fire and sharp objects; Child shall use it when accompanied by adult;

Keep in good storage when not in use, prevent child from drilling into the bag;

When using on the sea, be careful of spoon-drift impulse.