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This is the GS variable voltage MOD control unit, one part of GS variable voltage MOD body.

The function of this part is to let you adjust the voltage between 3.0V and 6.0V adjustable in 0.1v increments, with simple operations.

It is made of metal alloy with a black painted finish.

It comes with a standard 510 connector, you can also purchase 510-eGo adapter to make you use eGo/eGo-T/eGo-C atomizers with this Variable Voltage MOD. It is impossible to use GS+510-eGo adapter to work with eGo cartomizer at here.

5 seconds cutoff time!

To assemble a GS variable voltage MOD body, you need purchase GS variable voltage MOD battery tube(18650) with GS 2200mAh 18650 rechargeable Li-Ion Battery,  or GS variable voltage MOD battery tube(18350) with GS 900mAh 18350 rechargeable Li-Ion Battery, then connect with this MOD control unit.

GS variable voltage MOD control unit

Length 52cm
Diameter 22cm

Guarantee(Please check Guarantee Policy)
Guarantee period 3 months

On the GS VV control unit, there are 3 buttons:

Main button(largest one): Press to active LCD and show puffs and battery capacity.

2  Voltage adjustment buttons: Use the + and - buttons to adjust the voltage in 0.1v steps. Once 6.0 is reached the voltage will step back to 3.0 if you push the + button again, also, once 3.0 is reached the voltage will back to 6.0 if you push the - button.

The LCD screen can displays the voltage when you use the + - button to adjust the voltage.

According to our test, when it's under load, the actual output voltage is lower than the set voltage, for example, when it's set to 6.0V output, although the lithium battery is full, the actual working voltage is 5.2V - 5.5V, and, as the lithium battery engergy is consumed, the actual working voltage will even drop to 4.8V. Remember to charge the lithium battery when you feel the vapor is not enough.

Be careful not to damage atomizers/cartomizers. Driving them with too much power for too long or running them dry can burn them out. We recommend you starting with a low voltage setting and working your way up until you find the right setting for your atomizer/cartomizer.

The GS VV MOD operates on a single battery. Never stack two batteries or use batteries that are not recommended for use in the GS VV MOD.

Simple packing. Customary Packing from the factory,the packing is subject to change without notice.