UD Atomizer DIY Roll Coil (Nichrome D=0.5mm)

Product Introduction

UD Atomizer Heating Resistance Wire For E-Cig In Different Diameter. It's made of Nichrome, which comes in various compostions. The main components are Nickel and Chromium. Top quality, fast heating and excellent straightness.

Nichrome Diameter(max): 24awg=0.5mm

Materials: Nicrhome 80%, Chromium 20%   No Iron or Nickel

The product comes with

  • 1 x UD Atomizer DIY Roll Coil

Simple packing. Customary Packing from the factory,the packing is subject to change without notice.

10m UD Atomizer DIY Roll Coil (Nichrome D=0.5mm 24AWG)

How to DIY

Pls wrap the heating coil around the absorbent cotton according to your demand and then fit it on the atomizer

Note: Pls do not dry burn the cotton directly, otherwise it might get on fire. Drip little e-juice in the absorbent cotton to make that moist before filling in the e-juice.

10m UD Atomizer DIY Roll Coil (Nichrome D=0.5mm 24AWG)