It’s been months after the release of Aspire Atlantis Tank. I’m pretty sure that no matter a vape noob or a veteran must notice that sub ohm tanks are piling up on the market recently. Among them, Aspire Atlantis is the one stirred sub ohm market first. In terms of customers’ feedbacks, it is one of the top-rated sub ohm tank no doubt. Back to the day, I cannot even imagine a clearomizer type device can go sub ohm vaping. And I will walk you through the detailed construction of this tank, break it down and present to you piece by piece.

When I took a first glance at Aspire Atlantis, I just thought it’s another nautilus in XL version. Screwed off the base, found the resistance of its coil is only 0.5 ohm. No way!! How could a 0.5 ohm coil be set in a clearomizer tank? I started to treat it seriously.

A XL Bottom Vertical Coil
I think the bottom vertical coil, also known as bvc is the key element of why Aspire NautilusAspire Atlantis tank is so popular among vapers. Obviously, Aspire continued to adopt this technique on Atlantis. Compared to nautilus’s, the size of coil is tremendously enlarged. If you were careful enough, you would find the diameters of air inlet hole on the bottom and wicking hole on the sides are increased. This is the guarantee for a large volume of vapor, I guess. So it is not interchangeable with nautilus’s coil unfortunately. Dig deeper, the wire is 24 gauge, wrapped by ceramic cotton which is not what I preferred indeed. A metal mesh is placed on the top of the wire. I cannot agree more with this subtle design for it largely proofs the purity of the e-juice inside. You know, any dry burnt residue could have negative impact on the flavor and vapor the device can deliver. The mesh there just ensures the “contaminant” are away from e-juice. And there is one more thing needed to highlight is the wire inside of Aspire Atlantis coil is USA made. It actually increases vapor by 18%.

A whole improved adjustable air flow system
The smallest air inlet hole of an Aspire Atlantis reach 2mm, which means the largest one on Aspire Nautilus Mini. If you are a lung hitter, I promise the second air inlet hole will make you feel at home really. What’s the two left gonna be like? Wait for you to find out! Have you ever found any clearomizer has a wide bore drip tip which is way wider than its chimney’s before the advent of other sub ohm tanks? Aspire Atlantis is a such tank exactly! However, I was a little bit concerned about the adjustable O-ring. The damping of it is just tight. After placed the tank on the Aspire Atlantis Sub Ohm battery, and spun the O-ring, just smooth.Maybe this is another part of its anti-leakage design.

A reinforced tank body
Aspire Atlantis features the most popular glass tank. I observed the thickness of this pyres glass tube is increased, which makes the tank more durable. But a certain group of vapers was worried to chatter this glass tank. A steel replacement tube now is available. 2ml e-juice capacity means an average vaper will fill the tank for 2-3 times. Quite annoying. However, it did not take long for Aspire to introduce a 5ml replacement tank. Problem solved! And the silica gel gasket sit on the top of the tank base has a plenty of pillar-shaped cushions inside, these actually deduce the space it occupies and reinforce the sealing.

Tips for compatible mods or batteries
Aspire Atlantis comes with 510 thread. But it does not mean it is compatible with any ego or 510 mods or batteries. Cause it is sub ohm gear!! So, to push a 0.5ohm coil to generate a massive cloud and support vaper the biggest puffs, we suggest a 30w or more rated battery, make sure the battery is high drained, like an Aspire CF sub ohm battery is the one.

In general, Aspire Atlantis tank is rated as the top clearomizer which delivers a promised massive vapor cloud and is full of strong flavor.