Dear Friends,


Thank you very much for ordering from Heaven Gifts :)


As we know, once order is submitted, it is done. No editing on your side is allowed. So, when you do want to add or delete items from submitted but not shipped orders, how to do it? Following ways shall be able to help :)


1. Delete Items from Pending Orders
When you want to delete items from your pending orders, please let us know the product name, spec. and quantity. Format as in following example is preferred:

100W Eleaf iStick TC Express Kit W/O Battery, Blue*3
75W Kangertech TOPBOX Mini TC Starter Kit W/O Battery, White*1


2. Add Items to Pending Orders

When you want to add items to your pending orders, please follow below steps:
1) Place a new order for the items you want to buy but DO NOT pay.
2) Let us know the order no. of both orders.
3) If they can be combined, we'll edit the cost of the orders then reply you.
4) Once you get our confirmation, PAY the order and problem solved :)


Hi, please combine orders 20160307178870 and 20160307178871 if you can. Also delete following items from order 20160307178870 please:
100W Eleaf iStick TC Express Kit W/O Battery, Blue*3


3. Change Items in Pending Orders

If you want to change items, do it by asking us to delete the one you don't want and place new orders for the one you want. That is, by executing Point 1 (delete items) and Point 2 (add items) mentioned above to achieve the goal :)



1. NO CHANGE can be made if orders are shipped out and usually we ship paid orders out within 24 hours, which doesn't leave you much time to make change. So when you do want to make small changes about paid orders, contact us within 12 hours after order submitted and do it on LiveChat if you can. Otherwise we don't promise the change can be successfully made.


2. Change of orders may cause delay in shipment. Please be aware.

3. If it’s big change about orders, we sincerely suggest you contact us to cancel the old order and make new one to avoid mistake and confusion.


Enjoy shopping at HG!



Best Regards
Heaven Gifts