As a e smoker, electronic cigarette maintenance is a necessary way to extend the life of battery and cartridge. In order to take care of your unit, the things that you should prepare for:

1. Alcohol
2. Tissues and Q-tips
3. Tweezer
4. Towel
5. A serrated knife

Here are some tips for you to maintain your e cigarette:

1. Use tissue dipped in alcohol to clean e-cig battery and atomizer.

2. Clean the inside of atomizer with tissue.

3. If e juice leak into mouthpiece and causes vapor reduction, try to remove cartridge and scroll a tissue in small size to absorb liquid in mouth piece.
4. If you overfill your cartridge with e juice, you can blow the excess juice through the end of atomizer and hold tissue to catch it.
5. In order to avoid nicotine to touch your skin, it is wise to use a tweezer to pull out catomizer dipped in nicotine.
6. When you use e cigarette, you will discover that there is gunk on the connection points of battery and atomizer. And the gunk will block electricity flow. Clean the threads with tissue and use q tips to clean the inside of atomizer.
7. Tweezer is also an useful tool to deeply clean your atomizer. Use tweezer to hold the atomizer and pour hot water onto the open end of atomizer. If your atomizer can not work properly, the method can longer its life.
8. Rinse clearomizer without tip and dry it with tower. Remove tank from excess eliquid and filled it with half water. Shake the tank to get rid of remaining e liquid. Then use towel to dry it. Another method is to burn the remain e liquid. This may be a bit challenge for you. You should be careful to attach CE to battery about 5 seconds. And try it again until no more vaper.
9. If your atomizer seems DOA, it may be not true. The only thing you need to do is adjust center post with the tip of knife with serrated edge until it connect to battery.
10. Prepare for part replacement. Extra e-cig battery and atomizer is required for changing.