This is a guide for new e smokers who are new to batteries. An e-cigarette battery is one of the most important parts to power your electronic cigarette. Before you make a decision, there are some basic information about batteries you must get to know: E-Cigarette Battery

1. What battery voltage you prefer to choose?
If you ask a veteran vaper that why a dry burnt or slight flavor happens, he/she would suggest you to check the voltage of your battery before a vape. For a regular vaping, the voltage ranges from 3.3v to 4.8v. And this always comes with a 1.5Ω or 2.2Ω coil. Do remember that the voltage you choose must be equal or higher than the e-cigarette need.

2. What battery’s capacity you require?(mAh)
The formulate of battery capacity is:
Battery capacity= power consumption x working time /Battery Voltage
The capacity of a battery varies for a couple of reasons, like the size of a battery, the weight control. For regular vapers, the market offers 650mAh, 750mAh, 850mAh, 1000mAh, 1300mAh capacity. A 650mAh is enough for a vape newbie’s daily need. And A 1300mAh one fits for a 2 days city tour. So choose a right battery capacity as to follow your need.

3. What type of e cigarette battery do you choose, manual or automatic?

You may ask the question: “What is the difference between manual and automatic battery?” The manual one is equipped with one small button for you to active e cigarette, while automatic battery has a built-in switch and will be active by inhaling. Nowadays automatic battery are very popular among customers. If you want to enjoy a mimic experience of smoking a real cigarette, e-cig automatic battery is an ideal choice. For experienced users, they prefer to choose manual one for more control and vapor. But sometimes some users may find that there is noting in mouth because they always forget to press the button and turn on the device.

Automatic Battery
Manual Battery
Active by inhalation
Press button to active
No button
Quicker vapor production
Thicker vapor
More control

For a premium inhaling experience, we subdivide e cigarette mod batteries into 4 kinds:
Boxer mods: A boxer mod refers to a box like battery, it usually comes with a build-in power, some of them are integrated with printed circuit board which features an advanced vaping ways, such as SMY God 180, Smok Xpro.

Ego series: An ego battery refers to a battery comes with an ego thread or 510 thread, and all of them are pen-like. The most outstanding feature of them is the size is pretty small, easy for a carry or a out and about vape option. Such as iTaste VV, Vision Spinner, iTaste CLK.

Mechanical mods: A mechanical mod refers to a battery which is fired manually. The power of it is changeable which prolongs its lifespan largely. And most of them feature a telescope tube which enables different type battery to be fit in. The outlook of it is an extra large version of ego battery. Such as Smok Magneto, iTaste 134.

Variable Voltage/Wattage batteries: A variable voltage/wattage battery refers to a battery featuring adjustable voltage or/and wattage which provides e juice a appropriate heat so as to deliver a better flavor. If you are careful enough, you may find this series batteries are hybrid ones. They come with a box like or pen like outlook and are also integrated with adjustable voltage/wattage tech. The typical models are iTaste MVP, Eleaf iStick.

Subohm batteries: A subohm battery refers to a battery can power up a sub ohm coil. Only a strong output battery can provide the coil enough energy to heat itself up. The output wattage of this kind of batteries usually are beyond 20W. Such as Aspire CF subohm battery.

4. When you want to choose battery, you should pay attention to the following details:
Quality - the poor quality battery will bring you a bad and unsafe vaping experience. We do not recommend you to buy lower brand name battery or even battery in cheap prices from unknown e-cig manufacturers . If you are not sure about the quality, please choose batteries produced by trusted electric cigarette merchants.

Battery charging - there are a range types of chargers such as USB chargers, charger cases, mains chargers and more. Choose a better battery charger is a nice way to get rid of battery incidents while charging and extend battery lifetime. Remember that not all chargers are suitable for all batteries. You also have to concern about compatibility.

Warranty period - you should read warranty provided by e-cig company before pay for it. Sometimes you may find that it will cost you a lot if you want to change a new battery after warranty time.