The frequently asked questions about electronic cigarettes are how long can a battery last? How long can a catomizer last? How long a pack of e cigarettes last? For these questions, the answers are largely depend on variety types of smokers. Different styles of e smokers can enjoy different vaping experiences.

How long can your e cigarette battery last?

This is based on frequency of use, size of battery, good maintenance and local environment. For example, the life of battery will be longer in room temperature than in changing temperature. Most e cigarettes boast standard capacity batteries, which can be recharged and last a longer time. A eCig battery can last at least one month until it will be replaced.

The sizes of battery including mini, standard and high capacity can also determine the lifetime of battery. The life of battery is also varied from different brands. For most users we recommend that you should prepare for more than two batteries for replacement.

How long can a cartomizer last?
The combination of atomizer and cartridge is cartomizer. A metal coil in atomizer can boil the e juice and produce vapor that go through mouthpiece into your lung. Sometimes you will get a burnt taste because the coil is too dry to burn. That’s why atomizer is always need to be changed before cartridge. 
It is said that a cartomizer can last a year. But in fact its lifetime is about one or two months. Generally the life of cartomizer is determined by the type and use frequency. So it is wise to prepare two more cartomizers. If your cartomizer can not work or can not produce enough vapor, you can change it.

How long can a pack of e cigarettes last?
It is depending on your vapor habit. A rechargeable e cigarette is equal to one pack of cigarette. If you smoke two packs of traditional cigarettes daily, you only need 2 e cigarettes. But if you use disposable e cigarettes, it is equal to two packs of e cigarette and in higher price.