E cigarette is a popular alternative to the tobacco cigarette. When a new e smoker buy a new starter kit, the FAQ will be “What nicotine strength in e-liquid should I choose?” Before solve this issue, you will figure out by answering the following four questions.E-Liquid

What’s your smoking habit?
Light smokers or casual smokers who smoke only a few cigarettes are easily to switch to low nicotine level, but heavy smokers who have a two packs habit per day crave for more nicotine. If you start as a new e smoker, you will find that the taste of electronic cigarette is not equal to traditional e cigarette. So if you want to lower your nicotine level, you should start from normal strength and then go down step by step.

What’s your nicotine strength as a tobacco smoker?
A pack of cigarettes contain 8-20 mg of nicotine but less than 1mg is absorbed by your body when smoking. Nicotine content in traditional cigarette is variable in different brands, types and countries.

How much nicotine do you intake as e smoker?
If you choose our 10 ml of 18mg strength e-liquid, there will be 180 mg strength. If 10ml bottle is equal to 9 packs of cigarettes and there are possibly 20 cigarettes with 20 ruffs,  there are roughly 3600 puffs in this bottle. You will intake 0.05 nicotine in every puff. Here is another example: There are about 200 drops in 10 ml bottle. When you choose our 6mg e liquid, there will be 0.3mg per drop. So if you put four drops into atomizer or e cartridge, you will inhale 1.2 mg nicotine.

What is the level of nicotine strength?
For heaven smoker, light smoker or casual smoker, the requirements of nicotine strength level in e cigarette could be totally different.
Heaven Gifts offers you the levels of nicotine strength:e-liquid nicotine strength
No nicotine (0mg)
Ultra Light (8mg)
Light (11mg)
Regular (18mg)
Full Flavored (24mg)
Very Strong (36mg)
No nicotine is recommend to users who have quit smoking but only want to keep their smoking habit. Low level nicotine is preferred by people who were light smokers and vapors. 18mg is the medium level of nicotine and perfect for regular smokers. High nicotine level is a common choice for heavy smokers with a serious addiction.

Is more nicotine better for you?
The answer is no. As a new user of e cigarette, you may still can not remember the pain and discomfort for stopping smoking. It’s easy to choose higher strength nicotine for you. But too high nicotine will pose a great threat to your body health. If you feel headache or get dizzy during vapor, this is means that the nicotine level is too high for you.

Can you reduce your nicotine level at home?
If you have extra e liquid bottles at home, you can cut down the level easily. If you want the same flavor in less nicotine level, the best way is to mix two different flavors with the same flavor together. For example, if you need to cut your 36mg/ml e liquid down to 24mg, you should buy 12mg e liquid and mix them 50/50.

Why not try a e cigarette now and adjust nicotine strength, you will find proper level for you.