Sometimes some unpleasant experiences will occur when using electronic cigarettes. Tank leaking or atomizer flooding is one of the common problems for all e-cig users.

There is a distinction between a leaky tank and a leaking vaporizer
If e-cig tank does not have any cracks, but e juice still leaks into the battery connection and causes gurgling sound, this is known as vaporizer leaking. 
If e cigarette tank is broken or has cracks and e juice leaks to the outside of tank, it remind you of a leak tank.

When these happen, you will find that your hands, pockets or handbags are stained where e juice has been spilled. You may ask why a tank or vaporizer is leaking? How to fix the e cigarette? We will give explanation to the leaking causes and its solutions.

1. Leak Atomizer - inside the atomizer there is a coil to heat up e liquid and a wick to hold liquid. If add too much e liquid than it can hold, the atomizer will be flooded. This can occur in two situations: 
  1. You forget to track e cigarette use frequency since the last time you added e liquid.
  2. A bad heating coil reduces vapor production, but it is mistaken for less e liquid. So you add more liquid and cause atomizer leaking.
The solutions:
  1. Dissemble your device and use the paper towel to clean surface of each component from e cigarette. 
  2. Change the drip tip and place the end of atomizer in a tissue.
  3. Gently blow the drip tip until no gurgling noise.  

2. Leak Cartomizer - a catomizer is consisted of a tube wrapped around by filler material and a heating coil. There are two main causes for leaking - flooded and clogged. If you refill cartomizer too quickly, the e liquid can’t permeate through filler material and finally go down to the tube. This is main cause of flooding . There is nothing to do except to change a clogged cartomizer.

The solutions:
  1. Remove battery and put the end of cartomizer on tissue
  2. Blow the mouth end to get rid of redundant e liquid.
  3. Clean and dry the thread

3. Clearomizer Leaking - Flooding, clogged and crack tube are three main causes of leaking.

The solutions of flooding is similar as cartomizer leaking
  1. Clean a clogged and dirty clearomizer 
  2. Replace a new clearomizer if the tube cracks.

4. Leaky Tank - Some high concentrations of e liquid will cause cracks of tanks. High sensitive automatic batteries can make e cigarette work by a simple shake. So when you put e-cigarette in your pocket or handbag, you can image the consequence. 
The solutions:
  1. If you use high concentration liquid, you change for glass tank. 
  2. When you bring electronic cigarette with you, please switch to manual battery.