Do you have any annoying issues with your e cigarette?

If the device can not work properly, there are a range of factors such as battery can’t work, vapor volume decrease, atomizer burn out and more. Here are some tips to assist you save time and money on fixing e cigarette.electronic cigarette

Electronic Cigarette Battery Problems
If you can not get your battery work, there are some issues you need check. Is the battery charged and turned on? Is the cartomizer lined up with the battery? To prevent e liquid contamination and disconnection of cart or charger, is the battery cleaned weekly? If the switch is bad or the connection is broken, the only thing you need to do is to change the battery. If everything above is OK, but the battery still can not work. You may say goodbye to the sales company.

E Juice Leaking Problems
When you found that you mouth is filled with e-juice or get a gurgling noise, it is most likely that your vapor is leaking.  Why do vaporizer leak and how to stop leaking? These are two frequently asked questions for most users. In fact, the leaking is mostly physics instead of quality problem. To prevent from this issue, here are some advises for you. Do not over-fill your e cigs. Do not hold your e ciga vertically or higher than the mouthpiece when smoking. The coil head should be firmly attached to the base of the clearomizer. Replace the coil head if it is broken.

Get a Burnt Taste
There also some reasons for getting this terrible taste. First and foremost you may think about the quality of e juice. But if e juice is not the factor, new atomizer or catomizer with the smell of machine oil or coatings may be the main factor to cause bad taste. The most useful way to solve the problem is to use e cigarette without inhaling or clean the way by blowing air from the top to bottom. If your atomizer has been used in a long time and cause burnt taste, it means you need to change it. The main two causes of unpleasant taste are a dry wicking material.and gunk building up on the atomizer’s coil. Every time you should make the e juice will not be empty and clean gunk.  If you still can not get rid of the burnt taste after these tries, it’s better to start to consider about choosing an new e-cigarette starter kit

No Vapor

No vapor is also a big problem when you use electronic cigarette. The most reason is a dry heating coil. It also depends on what type of cartomizer or clearomizer you choose. For example G4 cartomizer is almost prefect but sometimes not easy to feed liquid to the coil quickly to be in step with e smoking.

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