To maintain the atomizer functioning well, you should use as manual directed and clean it regularly. We have some tips here to share with you.

How to prevent burnt taste when using atomizer?

Firstly,  unlike traditional cigarette, please take short drags when you use e-cigarette. One of our old friends reported that it is very useful to avoid burnst taste.

Also, you need maintain it by cleaning it regularly, it even needs more frequently cleaning owing to its larger consumption of e-liquid. It is better if you blow out the old e-liquid out every night before bed and let them dry overnight.

1. Use a brand new atomizer by starting from blowing the primer fluid out of the atomizer. Simply, blow hard from the battery end into a napkin, keep doing several times until no more fluid comes out.

Then prime the atomizer, put a couple of drops e-liquid into the atomizer or piercing unit of tank atomizer.

2. If your atomizer is not a new one, completely cleaning is more necessary. We gather several popular cleaning methods below:

A. Hot Water: Boil the atomizers in hot water for more than 10 minutes and then dry at least overnight.

B. Hot water with baking soda or coco cola: The same method as above, but add some soda or coco cola to the hot water. Rinse well. Dry well.

C. Alcohol: Drip small amount of regular alcohol into the atomizer, then rinse out with hot water, shake out well, then blow out.

D. Dry Burn: Rinse under VERY hot water. Dry 48 hours, attach the atomizer to a manual battery, hold the battery button for 5-8 seconds, then release, continue "press & release" until no more vapor comes out.

Make sure it is completely dry and prime them with e-liquid before using. After cleaning, it may take a little while for atomizer to break in.

If you have any useful tips, we would be grateful if you could share with us! Feel free to contact us.