We did have a general look at the Kanger AeroTank Clearomizer series. And we know for the average person sometime it’s a little bit harder to understand the e-cigarette industry or variable vaping devices. So we will select some typical models and briefly review them.

Exactly, AeroTank Mega and AeroTank Mini are among those typical models. We keep receiving positive feedback of these two devices from our customers. Which one shall I take when facing both excellent clearomizer? Judge from their names, it’s only a size issue. Indeed, the size is a visible feature and major difference between them. However, we note more distinction for a better user experience. Let’s take a look at these two monsters:

The Similarities between AeroTank Mega and AeroTank Mini
1.Both Aerotank Mega and Aerotank Mini are coming along with glass tube and stainless steel tube. It seems Kanger really has a considerate mind in tank designing realm. Pyrex glass is an effective material that owns high-temperature resistance, crystal-class clear, and stability features. But for a durable using experience, Kanger introduces the stainless steel tube as an backup reacting vessel. Vapers used to complain the fragile glass tank, now all gone by with SS tube.

2.One thing worth to noted that Kanger updated Aerotank Mini and Mega once. The brand new bottom dual coil has a thicker base, the wicking system are virtually invisible, and the screw-into-the-base thread prevent gurgling and leaking better than ever.

The Differences between AeroTank Mega and AeroTank Mini
1.Capacity. Of course, the size is one of the most obvious feature differs Aerotank Mega from Aerotank Mini. A 3.8 ml Mega is fit for these who vape a lot or vape outside quite often. Grab one, you will never bother with the juice shortage things. A lager capacity means more vapor satisfied, at least Mega proved it. Its ability to produce more vapor than we have ever seen up close. Meanwhile, if you’re just not that into the rebuildable thing,?Aerotank Mega?definitely is something you should get, a cloud chasers’ option. The clouds it makes and the flavor that will come through are impressive. For a small 1.3ml capacity Aerotank Mini, it’s a cheaper and more portable device you can catch, anywhere like shirt pockets or jeans back pockets are holdable. However, the flavor it makes are non-compromised, just as well as Mega does!

2.Threading. Attention please: an Aerotank Mega owns 510 thread, which means it is compatible with any other mods or batteries, but for an Aerotank Mini, with an ego thread, a certain adapter is needed if you’re attempt to large mods cannot handle ego thread.

Comments from Vape Veterans
“I noticed the Aerotank Mega seemed pretty solid and well built. The Pyrex glass of it for the the tank is pretty darn thick and it also comes with the metal piece for the tank making look even tougher.”

“The build quality of this thing is completely amazing, no issues with flooding or anything!”

The Conclusion
The introduction of Aerotank Mega and Mini brings the art of vaping to a new level. The warfare in clearomizer market was just ignited.