This is a topic about KangerTech Aerotank. We are sure the aerotank is Classic and Durable Personal Clearomizer. Why do we call it classic?

Here go the features:Kanger Aerotank
1. Pyrex Glass Tank
2. Airflow Controller
3. Bottom Coil
4. All Parts removable and changeable
5. Glue-Free

Such featured tanks are all over the market, could say “normal” today. But half a year ago, the coming out of such an e-cig tank did shock not only customers, but also major manufacturers. Kanger Aerotank is the first tank which are applied with Airflow Controller and Bottom Coil structure, as far as our knowledge are concerned. And what we saw is Kanger kept enriching aerotank product line to satisfy vapers’ needs, they did listen to the voices, like the Aerotank Mega addressed e-juice capacity issue, reaches to 3.8ml, compared to the original 2.5ml.

Revolutionary airflow controller technology

The airflow controller technology improves the vaping experience in a tremendous way. We used to hear complains from vapers about the “draw” things that were too loose or too tight. The issue is that without the controller you’re stuck with it, you can use it, put it away, or toss it in the dumpster. Now even on a Aerotank Mini, it is still effective . Gently spin the ring at the bottom of a tank ( most of the rings are well dampened) to reach your ideal draw, and the gauge lasered on the surface of a tank enables you to mark the valve positions you prefer. How wonderful it is!

At least 5 kind of e-cigarette devices will be released by major manufacturers every month. The truth of such a frequently updated product line is engineers there want to enrich and perfect products on the market. The feature “all parts are removable and changeable” of Aerotank is one of the fruit. Have a dirty body? Tear it into “pieces”, and wash under the running water, clean! That’s simple! Want its outlook to be different from others’? Change another colored glass tube, hoo-ray! Coil inside was burnt out? Pick a brand new one,just assemble in, good flavor again!

How I envy you having such an awesome clearomizer! Wait, we have not introduce the bottom coil structure yet. This tech generally follow the nature code - Gravity. No matter how you put or turn aerotank, the juice there always down to the base and keep the wick material saturated, and coil fed. Definitely a effective way to use up all juice.

Voice of newbies or vapers
Is it worth a $33 bucks? We are not for sure! Kanger aerotank depends on what you want to get from it and in which level. Still, we attempted to answer according to our experience over the past few days. Only one conclusion we have arrived at: classic. And we know there lots of need to be improved, far away from a perfect tank system, so, your opinions are valued! Just shoot it!