Have you ever gotten concerns about e-cigarette’s capacity? A 1.5 or 1.8ml one cannot satisfy your regular vaping, not even mention an out and about carrying. Kanger emow mega is the one that I recommend to those who used to upset about the e-juice carrying amount. A 2.5ml capacity means a large lifting for a regular vape clearomizer. Besides this, Kanger did bring vapers more on this emow mega tank.

An completely strengthened body
To observe Kanger emow mega inside and out, you may find the tube is consist of a metal piece and a glass piece. The metal skeleton outside obviously functions as a shield to protect the glass tube in a fall, which intends to prolong its lifespan. After all, a glass piece is fragile. And the metal skeleton brings a more beautiful looking in different colors. There also gets four windows allowing for a easy view of e-juice level. I also noticed the chimney of Kanger emow mega is integrated with the main body as a complete one-piece unit. This is a way to strengthen the body. On the other hand, it is for an anti-leakage case.

Bottom dual coil
The introduction of a bottom coil solves the gurgling issue and trouble shooting problem in a large degree. For the gravity rule, the e-juice inside of a Kanger emow mega finally and always goes down to the bottom, and to place the heat coil there would be fix a weak wicking condition. Apart from a regular bottom coil, this one is assembled with two heating wires which target to generate a larger amount of vapor and deliver better flavors. The e-juice inlet holes on a BDC are also doubled, count as four. The coil is screwed on the base which means it is interchangeable. The grooved tube of the coil is ready for a easy screwing.

Meanwhile, a nice anti-leakage job was done on Kanger emow mega. You can find there are 3 silicone gaskets on the coil and one on the base thread. The most important design of Kanger emow mega is the finish of its base. I mean, the bottom side of its base is totally sealed so as to stop probable condensed vapor contacting a battery thread post, which might lead a short circuit.

Adjustable airflow valve
It was an ecstatic that Kanger emow mega did adopt the adjustable airflow valve and the price of it is only about 20 bucks. This valve can be adjusted to reach a smooth draw you desire for, neither too tight or loose. There go five inlet holes and a gauge engraved on it which intends for a easy operation. The dial ring there rotates smoothly. I finished handling it by one hand.

Kanger emow mega also adopts a removable drip tip and 510 thread. It matches up with most batteries on the market. Kanger emow mega is that clearomizer ready for vape noobs who is looking for update.