As various e-cigarette devices are presented to vapers today, Starter kits, such as Kanger Evod, Joyetech eCom, Vapeonly Vcat, seem to be less attractive to vape noobs. You wanna your subohm experience? Grab Atlantis or Subtank at first, a load of vapor were just satisfying? Or the volume of vapor or tastes were just too heavy to take yourselves? After a certain survey and referred customers’ feedback, we suggest vape noobs to use starter kits in the first time. A step by step course eventually leads you a vaping fun. Cloud chasing, coil rebuilding, subohm vaping, and drip vaping, none of them can be accomplished in one single effort. Kanger EVOD 2

Original Evod, cost-effective starter kit introduced

When it comes to a starter kit recommendation, vape veterans won’t forget the Kanger Evod for sure for its outstanding performance, reasonable price and updated components. Obvious, applied with bottom coil structure, Evod starter kit can fully absorb e-juice and keep wick system wet all time, which builds it more friendly to vape noobs. A certain group of noobs told us, this brings a clearer flavor and less dry hits to date.

Polycarbonate tank body make it as light as a pen in your hand. Ego threading matches a smaller vaporizer in deed, which meant to attract people that are still into analogs or disposable e-cigarettes with the size of the Evod starter kit. And a 134mm in length is just right for pocket carrying.

Kanger Evod packing includes:

Two 650 mAh batteries
Two 1.6ml Evod clearomisers
5 extra1.8 ohm coil heads
A USB charger
A 100-240v AC-USB adapter

Due to two batteries supplied in this starter kit, therefore, a sensible arrangement is to keep one on charge while you are using the other. A 650 mAh battery only takes around 5 hours to be charged. The tanks also come in a variety of different colors: black, stainless, red, blue, pink, purple. Cool enough!

Evod 2, BDC update continued

Kangertech were not only satisfied with original Evod market performance, and they released Evod 2, Evod twist battery, 1600mAh Evod battery, etcin succession to bring novice a perfect using experience. Among them, Evod 2 no doubt became the focal product which vapers paid a high attention to. Evod 2 carries on original Evod’s merits for sure, meanwhile, the surface of its tank body has been made of aluminium alloy, compared to the original polycarbonate, a certain texture of its body has been lifted.

We have to admit bottom coil setup has thoroughly changed the way clearomizers are thought of! On this basis, Evod 2 has been updated to a dual bottom coil, providing a relatively warmer vapor with a cleaner taste, also increasing the volume of vapor production from the single coil’s. As to its larger vapor production, Kanger redesign the drip tip correspondingly, removable and compatible with 510 drip tips. It definitely allows you to customize this vape kit to a new level.

A less than $40 price with such a high quality make it the starter kit of the year. And it did stand the test of time with the vaping community. So, don’t hesitate, grab a pack, vape away!